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Casino de Montreal Review

You are looking at the largest casino in Canada. This is where all the magic happens. People from around the world that come to this area have this casino on their “Bucket List.” The Montreal Casino (French: Casino de Montreal) is located on the Notre Dame Island, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Société des casinos du Québec is the owner of the entire resort. Aside from this casino, the same owner has two more in the province. The Casino was opened in 1993.

The Casino de Montreal comes in the form of three interconnected buildings. The first two, French Pavilion and the Quebec Pavilion, were built primarily for Expo 67. The casino created the third one. It’s famous for its large gaming area, restaurants, and the original features you can’t see on another building. The Montreal Casino has a huge number of windows spreading across the whole region and low ceilings. It’s what makes it unique.

Another important feature is the “non-smoking casino.” It’s been a non-smoking casino since 2003, but there were some areas where smokers could enjoy “taking a breath.” However, after passing the law in 2006, the casino closed down all smoking lounges.

The Casino de Montreal Casino Floor

When you stand in front of the casino for the first time, you can’t move your eyes from the beautifully designed area. Right through the front door, you will notice the hall, and you could probably wonder where to go due the fact that is the biggest casino in Canada. When you reach the gaming floor, you will see a 526,488-square foot area filled with 3200+ slot machines and over 115 gaming tables (though this is nothing compared to the amount of online slots in Canada available)

If you want something different, the Montreal Casino has “The Zone” where you can enter the playground of interactive experience with all of your friends. It’s a unique concept you need to see it for yourself to believe in everything that happens in there. That’s a new-style casino with a beautiful ambience. You just need to select a game with your group of friends, feel the energy, and see the outcome live on the big screens.

You can register for the Casino Privileges Club if you want to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of the casino like a VIP person. By playing in the casino, you are earning points that can be used later in the club for even more significant advantages.

The Amenities at Casino de Montreal

The Casino de Montreal has five amazing restaurants.

  • Le Montreal – Where you can enjoy an excellent dish of Seafood and grill that will wake up all of your culinary senses.
  • Pavilion – If you want to enter in a different gourmet experience
  • L’Ajia – Where you can taste the exotic spirit or create your menu
  • L’Instant – If you are in a hurry, grab a good meal at this place
  • L’Atelier – The simplicity of the cuisine and Chef Joël Robuchon makes this site a MUST!

Entertainment and Tournaments

The multi-functional hall features numerous shows, lunches, dinners, and special music performances that will leave every attendee without words.

It might be a little bit tricky to get there, but when you arrive in the central area, you will feel like you are in front of a maze. That’s because this building wasn’t meant to be a casino, at first. You will enjoy the very clean casino with so much game and food choices. The Keno area on the second level is just another way to let yourself into the whole fun. There is a lot of space to get around because the entire architecture inside is built for that. The restaurants can be a little bit pricey for a casino, but they serve an excellent food for the price. Having fun is guaranteed!

casino privileges montreal

There are big tournaments held at the casino. One of which is the Espacejeux Poker Classic with a guaranteed $100,000 for the Main Event.

Casino Privileges Montreal

Casino de Montreal is one of the few casinos in Canada that offer privileges club card membership. Players can gain points from different slot machines and earn points for table games that can be found inside the membership card and redeem those points for real cash! You can take advantage of exclusive promotions for privilèges Club membership card holders and elevate your casino experience to the next level!

Casino de Montreal Dress Code

A part of the casino outfits that are mostly the same at most casinos, there are specific dress code guidelines from the Casino Montreal official website “Customers must be appropriately dressed. Any clothing depicting violence or associated with Any recognized violent group is prohibited. Please note that backpacks, motorcycle helmets, umbrellas, etc. are prohibited in the casino.” However we have indication about exceptions:

Quote From TripAdvisor

“It’s is casual in the casino, I want required to wear a coat or anything, I just wore a T-shirt and jeans. Didn’t go to the sit down restaurant as they were closed but I didn’t see any signage indicating anything otherwise.”

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