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  • Overview of the Canadian Online Gambling Industry
    Canadian Online Gambling Industry: In-Depth Overview While Canada is not one of the online gambling capitals, the gambling industry continues to thrive there. Today, online gambling is considered a rapidly … Read more
  • 6 Casino Hacks Worth Trying for Every Online Player
    Winning Casino Hacks for Every Online Casino Player Playing at an online casino is an exciting adventure and the fact that you can win while at it is the icing … Read more
  • How to Find a Social Online Casino You Can Trust
    How to Find a Social Online Casino You Can Trust With so many social online casinos out there, it may be a challenge to choose the right one for your … Read more
  • Are Live Casino Games Better than Regular Ones?
    Live Casino Games Vs Regular Casino Games The invention of online casinos revolutionized the gambling industry. It offered players a way to play their favorite games from the comfort of … Read more
  • Online Casino Market Share Size in 2023
    Online Casino Market Share Size and Growth in 2023 The online gambling industry has continued to gain huge popularity in the past decade. As more people head online to play … Read more
  • Common Mistakes Made by Online Casino Players
    Common Mistakes Made by Online Casino Players Are you considering playing at an online casino? Casino games are fun to play, and they can also be rewarding. However, before heading … Read more
  • Tips to Increase Your Winning Chances in Online Casinos
    Tips to Increase Your Winning Chances in Canadian Online Casinos Gambling continues to gain huge popularity among Canadians who frequent online gambling sites to quench their thirst for playing their … Read more
  • Tips for Tipping in the Casino
    Gambling Etiquette: Tips for Tipping in the Casino Tipping is a debatable topic. While people find it easy to determine how much to tip a delivery guy or a waiter … Read more
  • Psychological Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games
    Mental Health and Psychological Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games The popularity of online casinos has continued to skyrocket worldwide. People are preferring to visit online gambling platforms as opposed … Read more
  • Why Slots Still the Most Popular Game at the Casino?
    Why Slots are the Most Popular Casino Game? If you are an avid online casino player, you must have heard about slots. They are the most popular casino games with … Read more
  • The Biggest Online Casino Wins in Canada   
    The Biggest Online Wins in Canadian Casinos Being an online casino winner is the dream for any gambler. While playing casino games can be thrilling, the icing on the cake … Read more
  • The Best Slots Apps
    The Best Slots Apps for Android and iPhone Slots are one of the most-played casino games online. Among the reasons why are their easy gameplay, a wide range of variants, … Read more
  • Gambling Statistics in Canada
    Online Gambling Popularity Statistics in Canada for 2023 Gambling is a popular pastime, especially among Canadians. With screens getting bombarded with gambling commercials, and gambling ads popping up on devices … Read more
  • Jackpot City Sister Sites
    Jackpot City Sister Sites Casinos The saying old is gold, certainly rings true for Jackpot City Casino. Established in 1998, Jackpot City  Casino shows no sign of slowing down. Instead, it … Read more
  • Pragmatic Play Expands Partnership with Betara
    Pragmatic Play Expands its Reach in Latin America Through Partnership with Betara With the casino business growing increasingly competitive, each casino is on the lookout for an edge over its … Read more
  • The Feature of AI and Online Casinos
    How Can AI Change Online Casinos in the Feature? As technology continues to evolve, more industries are embracing its benefits, and online casinos have not been left behind. Technology continues … Read more
  • When is the Best Time to Play at an Online Casino?
    The the Best Time to Get and Play Online Casino Games The convenience of playing at an online casino is that you are not limited by opening and closing hours … Read more
  • Online Casino Terms You Should Know
    Online Casino Terms You Should Know Playing at an online casino can be exhilarating. The adrenaline rush that comes from spinning the reels or playing a card game makes the … Read more
  • Can Casinos Refuse to Payout?
    Can Casinos Refuse to Payout Your Winnings? The opportunity to win a life-changing amount playing your favourite game at an online casino is a great motivating factor. Many people head … Read more
  • Crypto Casinos Vs. Traditional Casinos
    The Differences Between Crypto Casinos and Traditional Typical Casinos Cryptocurrencies have continued to gain immense popularity worldwide, and more industries are accepting them as payment modes. The online casino industry … Read more
  • How Canadians are Spending Their Money Gambling
    Canadians Partake in Gambling Gambling is a pastime whose popularity has been on the rise across the world. Canadians have patronized casinos for a long time. However, more players are … Read more
  • How Do Online Casinos Make Money?
    How Do Online Casinos Make Profit? Online gambling has continued to gain popularity each year. As more people are heading online to play their favorite games, some do so for … Read more
  • The Crash Casino Game – How Does it Work?
    Crash Casino Game Online – What is it and How Does it Work Today’s casino games are changing, as they go well beyond the traditional slots and table games you’d … Read more
  • A Guide For Lotto 6/49 Encore/Extra/Tag Feature
    The Lotto 6/49 Encore/Extra/Tag Feature – What Is It, and How Do You Play? Lotto 6/49 has been one of the top lottery games in Canada since its introduction in 1982. The nationwide availability of the game and the player’s ability to choose one’s own numbers for each draw makes it a popular choice. Lotto … Read more
  • 5 Must-Have When Playing Online Casino Games
    Top 5 Must-Have When Playing at Online Casinos Among the many ways to have fun, unwind, and relax is by visiting a reputable online casino and playing your favorite games. However, these gaming sessions can be extended, so, players need to go in prepared. By having a few crucial things at hand, and arming yourself … Read more
  • What Cryptocurrencies You Can Use Today For Online Gambling?
    What Crypto You Can Use Today in Canadian Online Casinos? There’s a good chance you’ve heard about Bitcoin casinos in Canada and how you can make deposits and withdrawals from your casino account with a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin is all the rage these days, as it’s easy to transfer funds to and from a casino … Read more
  • Can Canadians Win at American Lottery Jackpot?
    Why American Lottery Jackpot Becoming so Big, and Can Canadians Win Them? One story you might have been hearing about lately involves how major lottery jackpots in the United States keep growing in value. There have been many high-value jackpots in Canada, with the highest Lotto 6/49 jackpot being worth $54.3 million in 2005. But … Read more
  • Playing Bingo Online? Take Note of a Few Things
    How to Play Bingo Online? The Complete Guide Bingo is one of the most entertaining online casino games players throughout Canada can enjoy playing. Whether alongside other players or in solo games, you’ve got many fun bingo games to explore while online. These games include various themes and multiple ways to win, plus you could … Read more
  • Canadian Taxes on Gambling – A Guide
    Are Winnings from Gambling Taxable? The income coming only from a legitimate ‘source’ is considered taxable in the income tax system in Canada. The accepted sources of income are- employment, property rent/lease, business, and other sources.   Other sources include windfalls, gifts, lottery winnings, inheritances, and strike pay. Thus, winnings from gambling are slightly different as … Read more
  • High End Casinos In Canada
    High End Casinos In Canada – the Most Luxurious You’ll find a full assortment of casinos throughout Canada, but some venues are more luxurious than others. These include casinos that offer various quality amenities and a wide variety of games. Here’s a look at some of the high end luxury casino resorts you’ll find throughout … Read more
  • Which Lottery Is the Easiest To Win In Canada?
    Which Lottery is the Easiest to Win? Best Odds Lotteries You will find various lottery games throughout Canada, including ones organized by many provincial entities. There are five separate local lotteries in Canada, and a few nationwide games are available. You may be curious when comparing different lotteries about which lottery is the easiest to … Read more
  • New E-Wallet Online Casino Payment Methods
    New E-Wallet Payment Methods You Can Find at Online Casinos An Introduction to E-Wallet Payments Electronic wallets or e-wallets are convenient for use at online casinos in Canada. You can use your e-wallet to send and receive digital currency as necessary. These wallets support various currencies, including Canadian dollars. You can even transfer funds between … Read more
  • How Does Lightning Lotto Work
    A Guide to Lightning Lotto Lightning Lotto is a lottery game from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission available for play at OLG retailers throughout Ontario. The game involves players attempting to match five drawn numbers to win a jackpot. Lightning Lotto is different from other lottery games because the OLG will draw the winning … Read more
  • Most Profitable Online Casino Games
    Best Online Casino Games to Win Money In modern times, casino players have evolved from just playing on tables to spinning on smartphones and computer screens. Moreover, the demand for online casino games has drastically increased over the years and opened up new opportunities where players can enjoy their games regardless of time and geographic … Read more
  • 200% Casino Bonuses Explaind
    A Guide for 200% Casino Bonuses in Canada Deposit match bonuses are the most common form of online casino bonuses alongside free spins. While many online casinos choose to match your deposit by 100%, some of them are a bit more generous and this is where you’ll find 200% deposit match bonuses. As the name … Read more
  • Casino Aesthetic – Why Casinos are so Appealing?
    Casino Aesthetic – Why Casinos are so Appealing? The casino industry is filled with a variety of online and land-based casinos, both of which have been designed to provide you with the best gaming experience possible. While online casinos have become incredibly popular, especially over the last year, land-based casinos are still finding plenty of … Read more
  • Casino Rewards Group is Now Accepting G Pay
    Casino Rewards Group is Now Accepting G Pay One of the most convenient methods for digital transactions nowadays includes Google Pay or G Pay. With the entire world now reachable through phone screens, it’s only wise for online casinos to provide mobile-friendly, quick, and hassle-free payment options. That’s why Casino Rewards group has come forward … Read more
  • Michael Owen in Trouble for Promoting an Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Casino
    Michael Owen in Trouble for Promoting an Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Casino Michael Owen, the former England soccer star has hit the headlines for promoting Punt Casino, an unlicensed crypto gambling site. This violates the United Kingdom’s gambling laws. How it Started Owen, the star who is famous for scoring 40 goals for England and also won … Read more
  • How to Count Cards in Blackjack
    How to Count Cards in Blackjack – Full Online Guide Counting cards in blackjack allows the player to keep a “running count” of the cards remaining in the deck. This, in turn, increases the player’s odds at winning, giving the player an edge over the house. In fact, some may even consider counting cards to … Read more
  • Most Money Lost at a Casino
    Most Money Lost at a Casino – Biggest Gambling Losses Gambling losses are taking every day, with many players adapting to it and some of them brushing it off as if it were nothing. However, sometimes you’ll need to draw the line as there are a few players that have single-handedly rewritten gambling history after … Read more
  • Canadian Lottery Winners Who Lost it All
    Canadian Lottery Winners who Lost it All For some, winning the lottery is their biggest dream and many players have religiously purchased tickets over a long period. However, there are times where people have bitten off way more than they can chew, and winning the massive jackpot has turned their dreams into a complete nightmare … Read more
  • Biggest Lottery Win Ever in Canada
    Biggest Lottery Win Ever in Canada Winning the lottery is something that most people fantasize about as many people wish to get lucky and win a life-changing amount of cash. While the odds are heavily stacked against you, some people have managed to beat the odds and this is what makes this segment so interesting. … Read more
  • Top Online Casino Twitch Streamers
    Top Online Casino Twitch Streamers Are you someone who loves to gamble but just can’t find the time to play at a land-based casino? Are you interested in watching other people play for entertainment? Well, looks like a list of top online casino Twitch streamers is in order then! Canadian streamers broadcast themselves and their … Read more
  • Genesis Group Casinos Accepting Neosurf
    Genesis Group Casinos are Now Accepting Neosurf Online casinos have various things in common. One such thing is payment options. You cannot play online casino games for real money without having a payment method to use to deposit and withdraw funds. One such payment method is Neosurf, which has continued to gain immense popularity. Today, … Read more
  • Are Metaverse Casinos the Future of Online Gambling?
    A Metaverse Casino Rakes Millions Online gambling has been around for many years, and things keep getting exciting each day. Gone are the days when players had to worry about payment options such as debit/credit cards. There is a new era of online gambling known as metaverse casinos. What is a Metaverse Casino? It is … Read more
  • Spin Casino Offers
    Different Promotions & Bonuses Offered by Spin Casino in Canada Spin Casino is one of the most exciting online casinos for gamblers in Canada. The platform features over 400 games developed by the powerhouse software provider Microgaming. These games are pretty unique, and you’ll be able to find more than just three reeler slots. At … Read more
  • iDebit vs Instadebit
    iDebit vs Instadebit as Payment Methods at the Casinos As the demand for fast online transactions continues to rise, especially among online casino gamblers, inventors are on their toes to deliver what the customer wants. The latest inventions have seen the rise in the popularity of InstaDebit and iDebit to meet that need. These inventors … Read more
  • Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd News
    Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd News Careful evaluation has become the main priority of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment as it has to monitor the situation across the province prior to deciding to reopen various casino locations along with gaming halls. The Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Rob Mitchell, along with being the casino leader, … Read more
  • Biggest Casino Wins of All Time
    10 Biggest Casino Wins of All Time – From the Smallest to the Largest How many times have you walked into a casino or signed in to your online betting account with hopes of winning big? Besides the excitement of playing casino games, many bettors do so with hopes of striking the mother lode. Any … Read more
  • Biggest Casinos in Canada
    5 of the Biggest Casinos in Canada Canada is a land of beautiful lawns, landscapes, and cities. You will find every modern amenity in its many provinces, from high-end spas to full-fledged resorts. This makes it a lovely tourist spot worldwide and is evident as more and more guests pour in every year. Of course, … Read more
  • Casino Outfits
    Casino Outfits: What to wear to a casino Land-based casinos remain great recreational spots. Whether you are on your holiday in Vegas or you wish to visit your local casino, you must admit that the lights, games, music, sounds, and themes make casinos irresistible places to frequent. Not to mention the likelihood of walking away … Read more
  • Casino Stocks
    Casino Stocks: Largest Gambling Stocks by Marketcap Stocks are the shares into which ownership of a company is divided. The profit from the company’s business is then shared out among the owners of the stock. Buying and selling of stocks is done in the stock market. Traders at the stock market aim to own the … Read more
  • Casino Game Odds
    Casino Games with the Best and Worst Odds While some people head to a casino to have fun while playing their favorite games, others do so with the hope of striking it big. To do so, you need to know how you can improve your chances of winning and get the best chance of winning … Read more
  • Casino MMA Fights 
    Why MMA Fights Are Hosted at Casinos Mixed martial arts, better known as MMA, has been rising as a popular sport since the early 90s and has featured some of the most brutal fights in any combat sport. This sport has ballooned and the best promotions easily have over 400 fighters on their rosters across all … Read more
  • Best Casino Strategy
    The Best Casino Strategy: Tips & How to Win Most aspects of life will require some kind of strategy before you decide to take the plunge and act. The same can be said about casino strategy for the most of the online casino games, even those that are technically based on the concept of luck. … Read more
  • Where is He Now: Archie Karas
    Where is He Now: Archie Karas, the Greek-American gambler Many a man has heard of gambling legend Archie Karas. For those who have however failed to learn the story of Archie’s spectacular rise and fall or would like to know where Archie Karas is now, let’s dive into his unbelievable story. Archie Karas is the … Read more
  • Steps to Recovering Cash Lost at the Casino
    Steps to Recover After Losing Cash at the Casino Losing at the Casino is a part of playing at a land-based or online casino and this mainly occurs due to implementing the incorrect strategy or simply bad luck. Failing to identify where you’re falling short will result in lots of money being lost, which is … Read more
  • New Ways to Pay Contactless and Cashless at the Casino
    New Ways to Pay Cashless at the Casino Social distancing practices introduced in 2020 have forced all of us into a state of panic the moment we come into contact with others and forced us into learning new ways throughout all areas of life from personal hygiene to different payment procedures. In the US and … Read more
  • Why Casinos are prohibited in Newfoundland and Labrador
    Why Newfoundland and Labrador Online Casinos are Prohibited 2010 saw Colliers International list the Battery Hotel and Suites for a figure of $15 million. The agency essentially challenged potential buyers to visualize how the property could be used and this included the use of the property that went against policies issued by the province. Newfoundland … Read more
  • Biggest Casino Jackpot Wins of All Time
    Biggest Casino Jackpot Wins of All Time The second you step into a land-based casino or log in to an online casino you need to understand that the odds are against you. However, there are a few people that manage to beat the odds and come out on top. Below we’ll be taking a look … Read more
  • New Millionaires: Recent Big Mega Moolah Winners
    New Millionaires: Recent Big Mega Moolah Winners Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive jackpots developed by Microgaming and it has developed a reputation for providing players with millions of dollars in cash prizes, regardless of the size of their bet. This is a slot that’s garnered a mass following, with more and … Read more
  • Biggest Casino Cheaters of All Time
    Biggest Casino Cheaters of All Time Forget the epic casino robberies you’ve seen in the movies. The following masterminds pulled off remarkable thefts in real life and became known as the most infamous cheaters in casino history. Using simple math, insiders at the casinos, and special gadgets, these people were able to steal millions of … Read more
  • Toronto Star Plans Online Casino to Fund Newspaper
    Toronto Star Plans Online Casino to Fund Newspaper A new online casino could soon be coming to Ontario and it’s being created by a surprising source! According to a report by CBC News on March 1, Toronto Star owner Torstar Corp. announced it was planning to open an online casino as a way to pay … Read more
  • How to Avoid Casino Payment Method Scams
    How to Avoid Casino Payment Method Scams Scammers are always finding new and inventive ways to con people out of their money. With the internet being such a massive attraction for people of all different ages and occupations, there is ample opportunity for scammers to come up with potentially-devastating plans to steal money from the … Read more
  • Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Could Soon Get Regulated Online Casinos
    Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Could Soon Get Regulated Online Casinos The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has signaled that it is currently making preparations to expand its new online casino to residents of additional provinces. Should all go according to plan, residents of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will also be permitted to access … Read more
  • New Play Alberta Online Casino Proves Huge Success
    New Play Alberta Online Casino Proves Huge Success Online gambling has become extremely popular over the last few years with many countries already taking advantage of the profits. Many governments have been keen to capitalize on the tax revenue that came with its legalization. More and more provinces are jumping on the bandwagon, including Alberta. … Read more
  • New Brunswick Is Letting Players Bet Big At New Online Casino
    New Brunswick Is Letting Players Bet Big At New Online Casino Gamers in New Brunswick have been enjoying a great new surprise: they’re now allowed to bet $100 per spin at the province’s only regulated online casino, run by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. This is 40 times the amount allowed by law at land casinos, … Read more
  • Exclusive Brian Christopher Slots Premier at Plaza Casino in Las Vegas
    Exclusive Brian Christopher Slots Premier at Plaza Casino in Las Vegas YouTube is a place with content related to anything and everything imaginable, and it’s no surprise to see that slots have gone viral too. This is where Brian Christopher, a popular YouTuber and slot machine enthusiast, has thrived. And now he even has his … Read more
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Granted $500 Million Government Loan
    Ontario Lottery and Gaming Granted $500 Million Government Loan When Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) was in dire straits, aid came from Queen’s Park. Aid was given toward the gambling agency’s functioning during a time of shutdowns and decreased revenue. Gambling venues such as racetracks and slot machine locations were closed to the public and … Read more
  • Jon Heywood: Where Is He Now?
    Jon Heywood: Where Is He Now? Jon Heywood  was only 25 minutes into being a Betway Casino player when his life changed forever. In a single spin, he won the £13-Million Mega Moolah jackpot, the equivalent of C$26.5 million, and instantly became the biggest online slot winner of all time. The Spins Begin It all … Read more
  • How to Start A New Online Casino
    How to Start A New Online Casino: Costs and Requirements Online casinos have become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world over the last few years. New casino operators are breaking into the industry in a variety of markets on a daily basis, which only serves to cement the success of the expanding … Read more
  • Collusion Costs Casino Regina $30K in Blistering Scandal
    Collusion Costs Casino Regina $30K in Blistering Scandal In a scandal that is almost too hot to handle, Casino Regina has cost the Saskatchewan government close to $30 000, all courtesy of a sneaky blackjack table dealer. The total of the loss was tallied over the span of 3 months and all it took was one … Read more
  • Casino New Brunswick postpones and cancels shows
    Casino New Brunswick postpones and cancels shows The land-based establishment, Casino New Brunswick, is more than just a gaming destination. The casino boasts a magnificent venue which houses a large gaming room, fantastic dining facilities, fine-living accommodation suites and more. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is tycoons in the entertainment, gaming and hospitality industry, with … Read more
  • Playtech Live Quantum Roulette and Blackjack
    Playtech Live Quantum Roulette and Blackjack Playtech is a name that has long been associated with world class online casino gaming, and is one of the original pioneers of the industry. Beginning in the late nineteen nineties, Playtech helped launch the first generation of online casinos with a range of quality video slots and virtual … Read more
  • Port Hardy Woman Wins MuchBetter Las Vegas Trip Draw
    Port Hardy Woman Wins MuchBetter Las Vegas Trip Draw Leslie D., one lucky woman from Port Hardy, Canada, has just recently returned from her trip courtesy of MuchBetter. The young Canadian won a draw hosted by the payment system and the media has since been following Leslie’s good fortune. The MegaDraw competition was hosted by … Read more
  • Toronto Tech Provider Set to Capitalize in Online Betting
    Toronto Tech Provider Poised to Make Big Waves in Online Betting The US sports betting market is estimated at a potential of around $6-7 billion, and one forward thinking Toronto-based tech provider tells us that they are set to capitalize. Whether you happen to be a dedicated sports betting fan, a casual enthusiast, or just … Read more
  • Where is He Now: Terrance Watanabe
    Where is He Now: Terrance Watanabe, the Biggest Whale in Las Vegas History Terrance Watanabe is widely considered to be the biggest ever whale in Las Vegas history. He managed to turn a fortune he made from selling his trading company into over $120 million in losses at Las Vegas casinos in one year. He … Read more
  • Slot Machine Hacks Still Happen: $5 Million Stolen in Florida
    Slot Machine Hacks: How it Works? The FBI along with the Miccosukee Police Department has been busy with the investigation of a case of theft where an alleged $5.3 Million was stolen from the Miccosukee Tribe Casino. Previous employees of the casino, which is located in West Miami-Dade, have been accused of hacking into the … Read more
  • GotSkill Games Banned From Ontario Bars and Pubs
    GotSkill Games Banned From Ontario Bars and Pubs Making waves in Ontario news headlines is GotSkill Games and the recent ban from bars, pubs and any area which isn’t a legal gambling land establishment. Gone are the days when pub-goers would play GotSkill Games whilst sipping on a pint. So what happened? On the 15th … Read more
  • Gateway Casinos Becomes NFL’s Official Canadian Sponsor
    Gateway Casinos Becomes NFL’s Official Canadian Sponsor Making international headlines is one of the biggest sporting industries, NFL, and one of the biggest brands in the gambling industry, Gateway Casinos. Together the two have teamed up to form a mutually beneficial partnership. The news hit the media on the 13th of August 2019 and has … Read more
  • Playtech’s Live Dealer Casino
    Playtech’s Live Dealer Casino In recent years, live casino games have taken the world by storm. They provide a realistic casino experience, but all from the comfort of the players’ homes. The industry is highly competitive, with many online casino companies racing against trends and new technology to create the most immersive live dealer games. … Read more
  • Microgaming Partnerships with Casino Software Studios
    Microgaming Partnerships with Casino Software Studios Microgaming were one of the original software suppliers to the online casino industry and the first internet casinos were indeed Microgaming casinos. Through the years they built up an impressive selection of games that includes over 500 slots and table games but in order to bring fresh ideas and … Read more
  • NetEnt Returns to Canadian Online Casinos
    NetEnt Returns to Canadian Online Casinos In some great news to Canadian online casino fans, NetEnt slots and table games are re-entering the online casino market in Canada. We have confirmation from two brands, LeoVegas and Betway Canada, that NetEnt is indeed available on their platforms. We have gone in and played NetEnt games on … Read more
  • Parq Vancouver Dealers Fired for Cheating with Players
    Parq Vancouver Dealers Fired for Cheating with Players Three Dealers Caught Cheating Cheating –something that’s been going on since the game was invented. Before regulations were in place as well as, reporting and monitoring by security and other players, casinos tended to face suspicion of rigging their games. Tricky players are known to try everything … Read more
  • Disputes Rise over Proposed Wasaga Beach Casino Location
    Disputes Rise over Proposed Wasaga Beach Casino Location During one of their regular council meetings on Thursday last week, Wasaga Beach Council held a discussion about Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The meeting attracted a larger crowd than expected as more people are in protest of the exact location of the future casino venue.  They argued … Read more
  • South Huron Council Supports Casinos in Grand Bend Area
    South Huron Council Supports Casinos in Grand Bend Area This week, the municipality of South Huron declared its support for a casino gaming facility in the Grand Bend area. The South Huron council further authorized its municipal staff to commence deliberations with government officials and members of the gaming industry. If all goes well for … Read more
  • Case of the Missing Bingo Ball
    Case of the Missing Bingo Ball In recent news, an unexplained occurrence involving a missing Bingo Ball and a jackpot prize of $372,229, has left viewers suspicious when Bingo ball B2 was missing from the tray. The Kinsmen Bingo Jackpot, held in November 2018, was the biggest ever charity jackpot in its history. The story … Read more
  • 10 Worst Church Embezzlement Gambling Schemes
    10 Worst Church Embezzlement Gambling Schemes We hear of theft, embezzlement and sinning but we would never expect one from the flock fleeing with money. Surprisingly enough there have been numerous cases of embezzlement within the church and believers say going to prison isn’t the only price they will pay in this life. In the … Read more
  • Casinos at a Loss Due to Russian Slot Machine Hack
    Casinos at a Loss Due to Russian Slot Machine Hack Back in 2014, accountants at Lumiere Palace Casino in St. Louis spotted something awry with the slot machines at the casino. The government-approved software powering these machines provides the house a fixed mathematical advantage, so that casinos can be sure of how much they will … Read more
  • The Founder Of FedEx Once Saved The Company By Gambling In Vegas
    The Founder Of FedEx Once Saved The Company By Gambling In Vegas FedEx, the world’s first overnight delivery company, transports over 1.2 billion packages each year in more than 220 countries. Still, in the beginning, the company’s founder was so fraught that he had to depend on casinos and gambling to finance his company. In … Read more
  • The Gambler Who Blew $100 Million
    The Gambler Who Blew over $100 Million in Vegas Casino players are just as interesting as the games they play: craps, roulette, baccarat, or poker… and this is the story of Terrance Watanabe, a gambler blew more than $100 million and was later labelled as the “biggest of the biggest whales”. Terrance Watanabe inherited his … Read more

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