Your Favourite Games: An Overview of the Top Software Providers

The History

As online casino gambling started to gather speed, most online casinos used a single software brand to run both game selection and back office. This meant that the player account management, banking, game logs were managed by the same provider that supplied the games.

Many software developers also built their own online casinos. Some, 888Casino, for example, still use this, but by and large it was discovered that the difference between developing casino software and actually running a casino was so immense that you shouldn’t try to successfully provide both.

Today most online casinos use multiple software providers to run different aspects of the modern online casino and systems are far more advanced.

This has allowed gaming to go full speed ahead with live casino elements, mobile platforms, sports books and interactive gaming. Some casino software companies also prefer to specialize in a specific aspect of the modern online casino such as live casino gaming or mobile gaming.

The Top Online Casino Software Providers:

Appeal of Multi Software Casinos

Multi-software casinos are popular among players as opposed to single-software casinos as they are able to offer a wider selection of games from a variety of software providers.

Players, when engaging with single-software casinos may begin to get bored and uninterested in playing the same games over and over again. From using multi-software casinos players are afforded the opportunity to have a selection of unique and exciting new games. From software developers such as Microgaming, Netent, Playtech and Evolution gaming, it should be stated that each has earned an outstanding reputation among the online gaming community and online casino players.

One of the alternative advantages of multi-software gaming is the fact that players get to play casino games that are not available on single-software casinos. So players do not need to alternate between casinos as the multi-software casinos have all the games available. With a variety of gaming suppliers featuring different games players get to understand the use of different techniques, characters, themes and bonus rounds. With more bonuses, loyalty points, a fantastic online experience as well as a platform that has the ability to run more than one type of software, gamers are getting the full benefit with multi-software casinos.

Instant Play Software Casinos

More and more players are engaging in instant play solutions as opposed to downloadable software. With instant play casinos players are able to play online without the need to download content. By doing this there are many advantages for the players as well as the online casino.

Advantages to the players include the fact that they are able to play anywhere and at any time. Also, as of the year 2016, the instant play casinos are just as fast as the downloadable casino software. It is reliable and effective and is secure as any passwords that are inputted into the program are not saved. Furthermore, if a player is unsatisfied with the game downloaded, they do not need to go through the effort of uninstalling it. Computer and phone memory is saved by not downloading software and the players can switch from one game to the next which keeps interest and attention in the online casino games.

Also instant play solutions for online casinos do not require the player to download the game or software so they don’t need to go through the effort and time of the downloading process. Hence anyone with internet access or anyone whose computer does not support the software can enjoy the online casino games. This is additionally good news for the casinos as they get more players at a faster rate.

Which Casino Software do Canadians Prefer?

Canadian slots fans love Microgaming because they produce slots games with a look and feel more reminiscent of old-style slots – although, as a new generation of online Casino players is ushered in, the preferences could change.

Modern online casinos are very complex and the newest ones offer incredible diversity across their entire site. Players today demand much more from a single online casino in terms of the entertainment and playing value on offer. It is also true that many online casino gamers are more loyal to specific games than they are to specific online casinos. This is why you will often find the exact same game on offer at many different online casinos, as more and more casinos begin to employ the same brands based on sheer public demand.

Some games, particularly progressive jackpot games, rely on a network of players to contribute to the overall jackpot total. This means that if a software company like Playtech have developed a cool progressive jackpot game (Beach Life for example), it is a good business model for online casinos to offer this game to attract more players.

Live Dealer Casino fans will appreciate Evolution Gaming's dominance of the market. Even Microgaming only casinos use their software to power the live dealer experience. Playtech and NetEnt, and even Microgaming themselves, have a live dealer experience but all of them pale in comparison to the kings, Evolution gaming.

Bottom line

Today online gaming software developers agree to install their games and run them in exchange for a percentage of the casinos profits, while the casinos themselves take care of running the casino, promoting those games and attracting new players through lucrative online casino welcome bonus offers.

Last Updated: January 14, 2020