What are the benefits of funding my account with Interac?

One of the main benefits of using Interac for casino deposits is that you won’t need to enter your card details directly into the casino site, so it adds another layer of security. Additionally, Interac is known for its speed. When you deposit, the funds will immediately transfer from your bank account to your casino bankroll.

Can I claim bonuses using Interac?

Whether you can claim bonuses with an Interac deposit depends on the casino, so check the terms and conditions of your chosen casino that accepts Interac. All of our recommended Interac casinos offer generous deals that Interac payments qualify for.

Can I use Interac at mobile casinos?

Yes! No matter whether you opt for a desktop or mobile Interac casino site, you can rest assured that Interac payments are just as easy. The cashier menu may be located in a different place due to the smaller screen size, but otherwise, the process is just the same.

What’s the difference between Interac and Interac e-transfer?

Interac and Interac e-transfer are pretty similar. The main difference is that Interac functions as an online payment gateway, while with Interac e-transfer, you’ll need to pay a specific email address through your bank website or mobile app. Interac is generally quicker, but Interac e-transfer is more widely available.