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Casinocanuck is the brainchild of Alan Jones and Janet Ginsburg, two passionate Canadian casino gaming experts who have dedicated their time and their considerable expertise to helping Canadians find safe and reputable online casino destinations. Alan first saw the need to set up a comprehensive online casino gambling portal after his own good and bad online casino gambling experiences. After being unable to find the kind of information that he needed to make good online gambling choices, he realized that other Canadians may be struggling in the same way. Alan recruited Janet Ginsburg, an online casino gaming expert and consultant who has been involved in the online casino industry since the industry’s formative years. In early 2016 as a joint collaboration, they launched Casinocanuck.

Alan, grew up in small town New Brunswick and moved to Toronto to attend U of T where he originally met Janet who appreciated his encyclopedic knowledge of Kids in the Hall. Janet is a BC native who went to Simon Fraser before doing her grad work at U of T, where she met Alan and promptly kicked his ass in a hockey pool. They have played in sports pools together from before “the Internet”, would generally “bet on anything” and are poker enthusiasts. Years and careers later they would reunite to produce what you see here.


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From this initial spark, CasinoCanuck has gone from strength to strength developing into  the one-stop shop casino resource for Canadians to depend on. The site aims to provide online casino players with a reliable and friendly and fun-themed go-to guide that beginners and experienced gamers can use.

Casinocanuck is easy to navigate, and contains several tabs dedicated to specific and important areas of online casino gaming including:

The site contains several tabs dedicated to specific and important areas of online casino gaming including:

Our priority is you

We aim to be the number one Canadian online casino portal with an easy, friendly and community-orientated approach that incorporates the real experiences of Canadian online casino gamers all over the country.

We choose the best online casinos for Canadian players on three criteria

CasinoCanuck says

Together we can achieve the ultimate resource for all Canadian online casino gamers that will remain the ultimate go-to site for online gambling for years to come!

Last Updated: February 5, 2019

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