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he Parq Vancouver Resort Casino
Three Dealers Caught Cheating Cheating –something that’s been going on since the game was invented. Before regulations were in place as well as, reporting and monitoring by security and other players, casinos tended to face suspicion of rigging their games. Tricky players are known to try everything from the card-up-the-sleeve trick to sophisticated computer programs that coax slots to a jackpot. These kinds of incidences don’t happen as often in modern times since authoritative bodies
Wasaga Beach Ontario
During one of their regular council meetings on Thursday last week, Wasaga Beach Council held a discussion about Gateway Casinos & Entertainment. The meeting attracted a larger crowd that expected as more people are in protest of the exact location of the future casino venue.  They argued that the proposed location could end being more beneficial to the neighboring communities than Wasaga Beach. Wasaga Beach is expected to be a hub of gaming operations in
Grand Bend Ontario
This week, the municipality of South Huron declared its support for a casino gaming facility in the Grand Bend area. The South Huron council further authorized its municipal staff to commence deliberations with government officials and members of the gaming industry. If all goes well for the South Huron council, the Grand Bend area could be home to a casino one day. The council recently passed a motion in support of a casino gaming centre
he Parq Vancouver Resort Casino
Paragon Gaming, Parq Vancouver casino’s long-time owner, has finally sold the casino to an Ottawa-based investment company. Paragon Gaming, which is located in Las Vegas, recently made an announcement that it has settled an agreement on the ownership of the casino with the PBC group for an unidentified amount.  This is after the company has become disillusioned with the troubles that the casino has been facing and has used it as an opportunity to sell
Chances Kamloops
After gateway casino announced its acquisition for Chances casino less than a month ago, making gateway sole casino chain in Kamloops, Chances casino members have decided to unionize. According to a report on the Unifor website Chances employees voted 91 percent in favour of joining unifor, the largest private sector union in Canada. Basically, this means that Uunifor will represent 94 gaming, bingo callers, security and other employees at the this Business. The workers can
Casino Rama
Canada’s Casino Rama workers have ratified the new 3-year work agreement that was made possible after negotiations during the last week of January 2019. The approval of the deal basically endorsed the tentative contract proposed by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. Employees can now anticipate a wage increase of over 10% for the next three years. Following a month of intense negotiations and discussions, the workers have finally expressed their satisfaction with the results of their
River Rock casino resort hotel
Reports from documents and interviews reveal that allegations from managers at River Rock Casino were warned that its employees shredded the entire paper records involving bulk money transactions. This reveals why many high-rollers were avoiding the interviews from anti-money laundering agency in Canada. The record shredding is one of the most compliance issues that are related to casino’s VIP gambling which the top management (B.C. Lottery Corp) warned the gaming executives of Great Canadian because they
Two nuns were addicted to gambling. To the surprise, they did it secretly using school funds. It happened for a while until the parish noticed what was happening. The suspects, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper (who was the principal) and Sister Lana Chang (her vice principal) at St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California, retired from their jobs last year. The officials of the church were not hesitant to describe what the nuns did as a big con. Over
MIssing Kinsmen Bingo Ball
In recent news, an unexplained occurrence involving a missing Bingo Ball and a jackpot prize of $372,229, has left viewers suspicious when Bingo ball B2 was missing from the tray. The Kinsmen Bingo Jackpot, held in November 2018, was the biggest ever charity jackpot in its history. The story of the missing Bingo ball hit national news when eagle eyed viewers spotted the B2 ball missing from the tray before the balls were even dropped
Nun Las vegas
We hear of theft, embezzlement and sinning but we would never expect one from the flock fleeing with money. Surprisingly enough there have been numerous cases of embezzlement within the church and believers say going to prison isn’t the only price they will pay in this life. In the instance of Camillus de Lillis, the soldier who came from a dark background went from gambling his life away to becoming a Saint after a sermon
Osaka Japan neon lights
There are countless people who fantasize about winning the lottery, but not so many are able to achieve this dream. There are many determinants and hopeful candidates who keep working in the hopes of snagging the winning ticket… but what happens when someone finally gets their hands on it? We asked Sharon, a 25 year old lottery winner from Staten Island to share the story of her big win just after graduating from university. This
slot machine scam
Back in 2014, accountants at Lumiere Palace Casino in St. Louis spotted something awry with the slot machines at the casino. The government-approved software powering these machines provides the house a fixed mathematical advantage, so that casinos can be sure of how much they will be able to earn in the long-term, for instance, 8 cents for every dollar gambled. However, on 2nd and 3rd June, it was noted that one of the Lumiere’s machines
Megabuck casino win
The potential for great wealth results in its own lore, which is why Las Vegas is a hotspot for Megabucks rumors, legends and stories. One such story is of Cynthia Jay Brennan’s, who appeared to have it all at one point. In 2000, the cocktail waitress made her way to Las Vegas to attend her to-be mother-in-law’s birthday. Both she and her boyfriend were quite hard working and were neither rich nor poor, but that
Fedex plane in Las Vegas
FedEx, the world’s first overnight delivery company, transports over 1.2 billion packages each year in more than 220 countries. Still, in the beginning, the company’s founder was so fraught that he had to depend on casinos and gambling to finance his company. In 1971, Fred W. Smith took his private fortune of approximately $4 million and made from it an extra $90 million in order to establish his delivery company, FedEx. This is something that
Casino Scams and Cheats
Forget the epic casino robberies from the Ocean’s films. The following masterminds pulled off remarkable thefts in real life on the way to becoming the most infamous cheaters in casino history. Using simple math, inside people or gadgets, these people were able to rob millions of dollars off casinos. However, regardless of how glamorous casino cheating appears in movies, the aftermath for these cheaters, once they were caught, was less than fun. They were banned
Throw momey away
Casino players are just as interesting as the games they play: craps, roulette, baccarat, or poker… and this is the story of Terrance Watanabe, a gambler blew more than $100 million and was later labelled as the “biggest of the biggest whales”. Terrance Watanabe inherited his father’s million-dollar business in 1977, where he remained the CEO for several years before finally selling his whole share of the company to a private equity firm. The fortune

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