When can I cash out my winnings and make a withdrawal from my account?

You can withdraw money that you’ve won from playing games any time you want. Each online casino has their own withdrawal time, but you can begin the process as soon as you win money.

Does the amount of money I stake affect how much money I can win?

Yes. The more you wager on a game, the higher the prizes will be. Many games will show you a prize chart that details exactly how their payouts work. Most standard slots have prize tiers that are proportional to the amount of money you stake.

Can I withdraw the remainder of my deposit along with my winnings?

Sorry, but no. When you make a deposit, you must spend that money on the casino games. However, even before you’ve spent the full amount, you can withdraw any money you’ve won.

Should I only play games at casinos with a high payout percentage?

Should I only play games at casinos with a high payout percentage?

Many of the online casinos with a payout percentage of 98% or above will mitigate the increased RTP by offering smaller jackpots. You might win more often, but it won’t be in large amounts. The best option is to find a balance between payouts and jackpot amounts.

Why doesn’t the money I win immediately go into my bank account?

Every time a transaction is made, it needs to go through an approval process that certifies the legitimacy of the transfer and ensures it is transmitted safely. This can take up to several days with some payment methods.

Can I deposit money without a bank account?

Yes. Many online casinos include alternative payment and withdrawal methods, such as PayPal or Payz, which include e-wallets that allow you to store money from a variety of sources.