What do I need in order to create an account with AstroPay?

The only thing you need is a mobile phone number! When signing up, provide your number and confirm with the SMS text message you receive to register your AstroPay account.

How do I log into my AstroPay account from my mobile device?

You simply need to enter your phone number and password, use your saved touch screen login, or confirm your identity with an SMS text message verification.

Can I use AstroPay with my current bank account?

AstroPay not only accepts transactions with nearly every bank and financial institution available worldwide, but there are over 200 different payment methods that can be used with your AstroPay account!

Can I use AstroPay to make a deposit with an online casino bonus promotion?

Of course! AstroPay can be used as a valid payment method for any payments or deposits at online casinos that accept AstroPay.

Is there a way for me to save money with AstroPay?

Yes! AstroPay allows you to open a savings account that will store your money safely and accrue a certain amount of interest each month, just like a savings account at traditional banks.