Casino Outfits: What to wear to a casino

Land-based casinos remain great recreational spots. Whether you are on your holiday in Vegas or you wish to visit your local casino, you must admit that the lights, games, music, sounds, and themes make casinos irresistible places to frequent. Not to mention the likelihood of walking away with a lot of money.

So, you have decided to visit a casino for some exciting night of playing your favorite games. However, you don’t know what to wear. What outfits are appropriate for a night out at the casino? Going to a casino is your chance to put on your best clothes so that you don’t only feel lucky but look fresh. You need to be confident as you walk across those halls choosing which games to play.

A sharp look gives you confidence and respect from the other players. If you are wondering what to wear to a casino, don’t worry. From this article, you will learn what is considered casino outfits and get casino outfits ideas.

Here is a guide to help you decide what to wear to a casino.

Learn the Venue Dress Code

Casino outfits

The most important step when wondering what should I wear to a casino is finding out a casino’s dress code. Not all land-based casinos conform to the tradition dress codes, and so, you need to find out what the casino you wish to visit expects its players to wear.

You don’t want to be the odd one out in a vast gambling venue unable to enjoy your night out with friends simply because you came wearing the wrong outfit. Some upscale casinos are strict on what players should wear before coming in. don’t be that person who gets turned away at the entrance because you didn’t do your homework first to learn what you should wear.

You can find everything about what to wear to a casino on its website. If you don’t get the information there, consider calling them beforehand, Tweeting, or emailing. A casino’s dress code gives you an impression of what clientele frequents the establishment so that you can visualize the setting.

Look at Casino Photos

If you cannot find out what casino outfits are allowed at the establishment you wish to visit, look online for photos. Most casinos have online photo galleries which can give you a glimpse of what the employees and patrons wear. You can also find photos of their previous parties.

These photos can reveal how formal the casino area is, their bars, and restaurants too. They will give you inspiration for what to wear to a casino and you will not be the odd one out at the venue. You will avoid turning up all dolled up only to find everyone in their casual casino outfits.

Head to the casino’s website to see their gallery. If they don’t have one, you can try social media or TripAdvisor Seeing photos of the casino people have tagged will give you a good view of what the patrons wear.

Keep Up with the Fashion

Casinos are stylish. Each time you prepare to visit a casino, think of it like you are going for a night out in a huge city, regardless of the casino’s location. Whether their dress code is casual or ultra-fancy, expect to see trendy styles. So, do the same and go with the current trends when choosing your casino outfits. You can find numerous places that sell clothes you can wear to a casino at a friendly price.

Be Ready and Bring a Back Up

Before stepping out, ask yourself what you intend to do at the casino and whether you will visit another place afterwards. Always leave things open-ended to see what the night brings. Your outfit may determine whether you can pair a poker night with drinks at a nightclub or dinner.

If you are in doubt, always bring a change of clothes or shoes. That way, you can party without enduring sore feet from high heels after your formal dinner. You can also wear your jacket to be granted entry into a fancy restaurant for a meal.

Always have options to maximize your casino’s night experience. If you are worried about walking with your bag that has your backup clothes and shoes, don’t worry because most casinos have locker rooms where patrons can leave their change of clothes. You don’t have to carry them around with you.

Don’t Skimp on Shoes

Fancy Shoes to wear at a casino

Always remember to make a quick glance down. A great outfit is never complete without a nice pair of shoes. Any shoes that go with your tux should always match in color and style. However, you don’t need to wear anything that doesn’t make you happy or is uncomfortable. Always remember the dress code. Also, flats are as acceptable as heels, and they are more flexible, even when attending a formal event.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

The best way to give more life to your casino outfits and make them trendier is by accessorizing. In most mega casinos, players go all out and your eyes will be treated to glitz and glamor. So, before stepping out, pick out your accessories wisely.

Match your pouches, clutch bags, and purses to go hand in hand with your hair accessories and shawls, clips, scarfs, beautiful earrings, bracelets, rings, and eye-catching necklaces.

If you are going to a black tie evening, pick sophisticated accessories. However, you can also opt to go a bit flash and a little fun. You’ll not be the odd one out. Also, it is a great way to give your outfit identity. If you choose to wear your sharpest suit, jazz it up with cufflinks, wear an elegant necklace, a watch, and rings.

Ensure that You Are Comfortable

While wearing a fancy outfit is great, don’t compromise on your comfort. Try out everything you wish to wear beforehand so that you don’t face any surprises during the night. You don’t want to be limping all around the casino in uncomfortable heels or clothes as this will only ruin your evening despite how trendy you look.

Casino resorts are huge and you may be faced with a long night if you are having fun. Always ensure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

Different Casino Dress Codes

Here are some of the common dress codes to help you get casino outfits ideas for your nest big night.


What would you wear when going to a nice dinner or bar in the evening? Consider that when choosing what to wear to a casino is the dress code is smart. You should apply the same rules and go to a casino wearing a smart casual outfit.

Dress to Impress

Whether your outfit is simply a cocktail dress, there are numerous ways to jazz it up. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you can dress in a metallic or vivid color, and accessorize the outfit accordingly as discussed previously.

Formal/Black Tie

For men, a formal/black tie casino dress code means wearing a white evening shirt that has turn-down collar and double cuffs. You can also go with a white silk shirt with buttons. Pair this with a black dinner jacket and a black pair of trousers. Don’t forget to wear studs and cufflinks, black socks, black bowtie, cummerbunds, a pair of black lace-up shoes, a white handkerchief, and an optional black waistcoat.

For women, the black tie/formal is not as strict. However, you still need to go with your best clothes. Women should wear floor-length silk, velvet, and satin gowns. They should skip linen, jersey, and cotton blends. Remember to pair your outfits with the right accessories, including faux fur, gloves, statement jewelry pieces, and hair pieces among other accessories.

General Rules of Thumb

When choosing the right casino outfits, there are various general rules of thumb. Each casino has its dress code. However, some rules regarding what you should wear apply everywhere. These will help you always be in synch with everyone else in any casino. Here are some of the rules you should always adhere to whenever visiting a casino.

  • Don’t wear flip flops
  • Avoid sneakers
  • Casinos are always more casual during the day than at night. Once the sun sets, ditch that t-shirt or shorts. Instead go with more formal tops and blouses for women and a collared or button-down shirt for men.
  • Don’t walk into a casino with torn, dirty, or worn-out outfits
  • The fancier the casino, the nicer you should dress
  • If you wish to enter the nightclubs or lounges, the dress code may differ from that allowed in the casino. So, always check first to avoid waiting in long queues only to be turned away at the entrance.


Before stepping out to head to the casino, know all the best casino outfits ideas and stick to them. When you wear the best casino outfits, you will not only look great but you will also feel great while playing your favorite casino games. This guide will help you avoid making any mistakes when it comes to choosing what to wear to a casino.

Last Updated: January 11, 2024
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