What happens if I try to make a purchase with my prepaid card, but don’t have enough money in my remaining balance?

You can still use your prepaid card for the purchase if you have a secondary form of payment ready. Inform the cashier in advance that you will be using both your prepaid card and the alternate payment method. This process is called split tender.

How do I refill the balance on my prepaid Mastercard?

To refill your balance, you must make a deposit from your bank account or debit card. You can also set up a direct deposit for your paychecks so they will be added to your prepaid card balance immediately.

How long can I use my Mastercard gift card?

All Mastercard gift cards come with an expiration date noted on the card itself. This date is used to help verify your card for purchases, and it also indicates when the gift card is no longer valid. If you still have money on your gift card at the time of expiration, it will be permanently lost.

Can I use a Mastercard gift card to make deposits at an online casino?

Yes! Any merchants or services that accept Mastercard credit and debit cards will also accept gift cards, as well as prepaid cards. They are all considered equally valid Mastercard options.

Can I use my Mastercard gift card at an ATM to withdraw the money from my balance in cash?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Mastercard gift cards at an ATM like you would with a debit card. Some merchants will offer a “cash back” option when you use your gift cards to make a purchase. In that case, you can request your remaining balance in cash to be given to you alongside the goods you have purchased.

What do I do if I make a deposit with my Mastercard gift card to my online casino account and then win money?

You will need to find an alternative method of withdrawing money, since you cannot make withdrawals onto a Mastercard gift card. If you do not have a bank account or digital wallet to use, getting a prepaid Mastercard will work almost exactly like your gift card, except they are able to make withdrawals.