There are casinos that accept Google Pay?

Currently there are only a few online casinos that accept Google Pay as a payment option in Canada. The popular ones that you might know are: Zodiac Casino, Captain Cooks, Yukon Gold, Grand Monidal and some more.

Can I use Google Pay if I want to bet using my mobile phone?

Yes. Once casinos start accepting GPay, the entire point will be that it’s tied to your phone. Therefore, of course you will be able to use Google Pay from your phone.

Can I still get a welcome bonus if I use GPay to make my deposit?

That remains to be seen. Online casinos often restrict their welcome bonuses. For example, many will not give you the welcome bonus if you make your deposit with Neteller. What online casinos will do when they start accepting Google Pay is up for grabs.

What's the deal on the fees with Google Pay?

With Google Pay, you don’t pay any money to make your deposit. However, the online casino has to pay fees to receive the deposit. It’s unclear how they will handle that. It may be that if you make a $100 deposit and the online casino has to pay 2.75% to receive it, you will only be credited with $97.25.

I'm using PayPal to currently make my casino deposits. Should I change to Google Pay?

If you are using PayPal at your casino of choice and it is working for you, we see no reason for you to have to switch to Google Pay. When you find a system that works, you are better off sticking to it.

Is Google Pay secure?

We have no reason to believe it is not secure. It was created by one of the most reputable companies on the internet. There have not be any complaints about it. We believe it is as secure as an online payment system can be.