Get Your Card Ready: Where to Play the Best Online Keno

keno ballsOnline Keno is a game where you have a board consisting of numbers 1-80 and players choose a set of numbers in the hope they will be drawn and matches will be made, producing wins. Keno is both low risk (minimum bets can be as low as $1) and can produce big jackpots win when players can match a maximum amount of numbers.

Keno is an easy game to play and one shouldn’t be put off by the odds of winning nor by the house advantage that this game carries. While it may be slightly harder to win consistently with online Keno, it is still one of the most fun and one of the fastest games to play at online casinos.


Canada's Best Keno Casinos May 2019
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5 Casino Room Logo $600 Bonus Choose between regular and bonus Keno games at Casino Room

Keno Rules

The rules of online Keno are quite straight forward and the game itself is similar in its mechanics to most lottery-type games.

To play a game of Keno online, simply follow these basic steps:

  1. Keno is played on a numbered grid sheet, similar to bingo and to start playing you will need to select a set of numbers. The amount of numbers that you pick vary from one game to another.
  2. Once you have chosen your numbers and feel sure about them, simply hit the start button.
  3. The game begins and up to twenty numbers are selected randomly by the game software.
  4. Compare your chosen numbers to the winning numbers to see how many match.
  5. Get paid - depending on the game, the payout table and the amount of correct numbers you have picked, you will win a cash payout.

Why playing Keno online is a great idea

Playing online Keno is quick and easy and you can play a lot in a short space of time. Online Keno, along with online Video Poker and online Slots presents a number of variations to the player, keeping the game interesting and also offering different pay out sums.

The game is quick to learn, like slots and modern Keno games also offer a variety of added extras, like bonus rounds or increased Keno balls per game to increase winning odds. Online Keno is also very popular with Canadians which means that you will find the game at most online casinos and on mobile casino platforms.

An online Keno board looks like this:

Keno Board

Keno odds

Unfortunately, the odds in Keno aren’t great. The house edge (house advantage) is pretty high, at an average of around 20-30%.

This means that Keno has one of the worst odds of winning of any casino game. The game is actually a bit more similar to national lottery games in this regard. The only advantage that Keno has over other casino games that have a better or lower house advantage is that Keno offers the possibility of a jackpot win. Keno is all about guessing the right number and that’s the tricky part.

Variations of Keno

Just like other easy to play online casino games like Video Poker or Slots, Keno offers a few variations on the basic format to keep things interesting.

The most basic variation in online Keno is the amount of numbers that you can choose from and two of the most popular are known as 10-spots or 20-spot tickets.

Among the different 10 and 20-spot tickets are the following variations:

Differences between Keno and Bingo

Numbers – In Bingo, numbers are pre-determined for the players whereas in Keno, players are allowed to choose their numbers.

Betting - Bingo cards are a fixed price whereas in Keno, players can choose how much they wish to bet on each game and the number of games.

Drawing Numbers – Bingo numbers are drawn randomly until one person wins, whereas Keno numbers are drawn from the lot of numbers which means you can have multiple winners at one time.

Winning – Bingo gives prizes for completing lines and a full house whereas Keno has a set payout.

Bottom line on Online Keno

The game mechanics are simple and, unlike other casino games like Roulette or Blackjack, there are no complicated strategies or rules to learn. The game is simply about picking a certain amount of number from a sheet or table and seeing how your luck holds up!

The variations on the original game also makes playing Keno online more exciting and it is possible to find some Keno variations that offer significantly big pay days!

If you feel like testing your luck or are simply curious after reading this article on playing Keno online, then be sure to visit one of our recommended Keno casinos, hand-picked by Casinocanuck just for Canadian players!

Last Updated: April 21, 2019