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Sic Bo Online Casinos

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Sic Bo is a game of chance that was originated in ancient China. The name translates to “precise dice,” owing to the fact that it’s played with three dice. Sic Bo has been played in casinos all over Asia for many years, especially in Macau, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. During the early 20th century, it began appearing in Western-speaking countries as Chinese immigrants brought it to the United States, and it continued to spread from there. While it used to be illegal to play Sic Bo in the United States and United Kingdom, it has now become a licensed game available in many American and British casinos.

Best Sic Bo Online Casinos in Canada

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Sic Bo

What Are the Rules of Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a deceptively simple among the other casino games. It boils down to rolling three dice and betting on the outcome of each roll. A dealer is responsible for rolling the dice and accepting the bets. Each player is competing against the house. To make a legal bet, you must place your betting token on a specific area of the Sic Bo board. After the dice are rolled, if they match the specific bet you placed, you will win an amount of money based on predetermined odds visible on the board. You can place more than one bet for each round, giving you plenty of different betting options to choose from.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

OK, so this part is something that instantly made me love the game. You can start off by playing Sic Bo online for free. I found that it’s a great way to help familiarize myself with the game and how it works. Many Sic Bo online casinos will offer a free option in addition to the real money casinos option. There are also websites that are purely free, usually for the purpose of teaching newcomers how to play the game, which has made it so much easier for me to get into this. When you want to play online casino Sic Bo for real money, there are many options across multiple platforms, allowing you to experience the game from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Betting in Sic Bo

Betting in Sic Bo involves choosing a spot on the board with the dice roll outcome you think will occur. There are usually 8 different types of bets you can make.

These bets include:

  1. Big Bets: The total of all three dice will equal between 11 and 17. Any triples (all three dice show the same number) is a loss.
  2. Small Bets: The total of all three dice will equal between 4 and 10. Like with Big bets, any triples is a loss.
  3. Any Triples Bets: All three dice will show the same number. This means anything from three 1s to three 6s results in a win.
  4. Specific Triples Bets: A specific triple will be rolled. You choose a triple from 1 to 6, and if your triple is rolled, you win.
  5. Doubles Bets: Two out of three dice will show the same number. You will pick between 1 and 6, and two of the three dice must show that number to win.
  6. Three Dice Total Bets: Choose a specific number that all three dice will total. The numbers range from 4 to 17, and the total must match the exact number you picked to win. Unlike Big and Small bets, triples are valid for these bets.
  7. Dice Combination Bets: A specific combination of two out of three dice will be rolled. These include any combination between 1 and 6, discounting any doubles. For example, 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 3 and 6, etc.
  8. Single Dice Bets: At least one of the three dice will show the single number you chose. The numbers are between 1 and 6. If your number appears on two or three dice, you win more money.

Sic Bo Payout Table

The amount of money you can win on a bet in Sic Bo is based on the odds of how often the number combination of your bet will come up during a roll. Each type of bet has preset odds, and your winnings are calculated by how much money you bet on the roll. For example, if the odds are 3 to 1, a $5 bet will win $15, and a $20 bet will win $60. The Sic Bo odds for payouts with each type of bet include:

Bet TypeOdds$10 Bet Payout ExampleWin ChanceHouse Edge
Big1 to 1Win $1048.61%2.78%
Small1 to 1Win $1048.61%2.78%
Any Triples30 to 1Win $3002.8%13.9%
Specific Triples180 to 1Win $1,8000.46%16.2%
Specific Doubles10 to 1Win $1007.41%18.5%
Three Dice Total(Number Totals Below)
10 or 116 to 1Win $6012.5%12.5%
9 or 127 to 1Win $7011.6%7.4%
8 or 138 to 1Win $809.7%12.5%
7 or 1412 to 1Win $1206.9%9.7%
6 or 1518 to 1Win $1804.6%12%
5 or 1630 to 1Win $3002.8%9.7%
4 or 1760 to 1Win $6001.4%15.3%
Dice Combination6 to 1Win $602.8%13.9%
Single Dice (1)1 to 1Win $1034.72%7.9%
Single Dice (2)2 to 1Win $206.94%7.9%
Single Dice (3)3 to 1Win $300.46%7.9%

Our Recommendations for the Best Sic Bo Online Casinos

1. Spin Casino 

Spin casino is one of the best options for playing Sic Bo available. It’s an exclusively mobile platform, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Spin Casino Homepage

2. Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City casino lets you play Sic Bo on your PC or mobile device. It’s a good alternative to Pulsz if you don’t care about it having fewer other games available to play.

Jackpot City Homepage

3. Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune Casino is primarily focused on Vegas-style slots, but it offers a selection of table games, including Sic Bo. It’s only available to play through their website but can be accessed on PC or mobile device browsers.

Ruby Fortune Casino

4. LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas online casino has a sleek user interface for both their website and mobile app versions. You can play Sic Bo or one of hundreds of other different slots and table games. They will make an agent betting casino Sic Bo online seem like a pro in no time.

Leovegas CA homepage

5. TonyBet Casino

TonyBet casino have slots, table games, and sports betting option. TonyBet offers Sic Bo with live dealers. It accepts both traditional money and cryptocurrency for real money betting.

Tonybet Casino

Sic Bo Strategy & Tips

Mastering Sic Bo is mostly about figuring out the odds of each betting option. As a game of chance, there’s no such thing Sic Bo strategy since the game involved in the actual rolls as they are done independently from any bets made. Here are a few great tips to help you get better at playing the game:

  • Practice with free versions of online casino Sic Bo. You can test out different types of bets without needing to risk your money. This will help you learn which types of rolls come up more frequently, and how often you can expect to win with each type of bet. You can also try out unique betting combinations, especially the higher risk options that you might not want to attempt in a real money game.
  • Start with simple bet types, like Single Dice or Three Dice Total bets with better odds. Although you won’t win as much money if your number hits, you have a better shot at walking away with at least the amount you bet. Avoid things like Specific Triples or Three Dice Total bets with tougher odds, like the 4 or 17 options. Once you get used to the game, you can start taking riskier bets if you want more of a challenge.
  • Place bets that have lower house edge odds. Big and Small bets have a house edge of 2.78%, so you have a better chance at winning. Specific Doubles bets have a house edge of 18.5% and Specific Triples bets have 16.2%, so these are wagers you should stay away from, unless you’re seeking a high-risk, high-reward bet.
  • When making multiple bets, avoid ones that will cancel each other out. Instead of placing contradictory bets that will cause you to win money on one and lose on the other, keep your betting complimentary. If you place a small bet, pair it up with a Three Dice Total bet of 6 or 7; this way, if the total on the roll is a 6 or 7, you’ll win both types of bets and increase your earnings.
  • Take a break when you start becoming too frustrated. Anytime you lose will be disappointing, but having a run of losses without a single can seriously increase your stress and anger levels. Walking away to take a breather or do something else can help you reset your emotions so you can return for another go feeling refreshed. At the end of the day, Sic Bo is a game and should be entertaining, not upsetting.

CasinoCanuck Says

If you’re interested in trying out Sic Bo online casinos, there’s never been a better time to try it out. The game is growing in popularity thanks to its low barrier of entrance and simple ruleset. Other similar table games like Craps can have complicated betting combinations and strategies needed to win. With Sic Bo, you can jump right in and win on your first try!

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