Craps Online for Canucks: Top Online Tables and Beginners Guide

craps chips and diceThe game of Craps is an iconic casino game because it has a low house advantage and is truly fast-paced and thrilling. While the game might be iconic, for many it is a mystery, filled with strange calls and just one person (the shooter) throwing the dice across a deep table. Read our simple guide to the online game and get to know one of the best chances to win in an online casino. Winning at Online Craps is dependent on a mixture of luck and betting strategy, so make sure you are armed with some basic knowledge before you place your bet.

Playing Craps online is also fast becoming a favourite game for Canadian online casino fans because of its inherent speed, unique bonuses and action packed game play.


Getting to know the game of Craps Online

As we have already mentioned, the game of craps distinguishes itself from other casino games by featuring a single player, known as the shooter, who throws a pair of dice across the Craps table but what does it all mean?

The basics of playing Craps at an online casinos

Microgaming CrapsThe shooter throws the dice for the first time – this is known as the Come Out Throw

Playing Craps online is slightly faster than land-based gaming but contains all the action of a real-world casino. You can play online Craps at any one of Casinocanuck’s recommended Canadian casinos and you can even play a game or two of Live Dealer Craps.

Understanding the main Craps bets

Craps betting can get pretty complicated but there are a few easier bets that beginners can make with confidence. For a more in-depth look at Craps betting refer to our full guide to Craps, betting and strategies for playing Craps online. ( LINK)

The basic Craps bets include:

Craps odds and house edge

One of the main reasons that Craps is such a popular casino game is because it generally has some of the lowest house edge bets of any casino game. There are many different bets that you can make in Craps and some will feature a Lower house edge while other will again feature a much higher house edge.

The Pass Line bet has the lowest house edge of just 14% and is a popular bet for this reason. It is also the safest bet to make for beginner Craps players.

Betting on the Big Six and Big Eight bets present the second highest house edge of an incredible 9.1%.

Betting on a Hard 10 or a Hard 4 both have the biggest house edge of all Craps bets at a whopping 11%.

Learning about Craps odds and which bets offer higher or lower house advantages is a great way to improve your overall Craps game strategy and Casinocanuck will be covering this fascinating topic in much more detail. Be on the lookout for this article coming soon!

Variations of Online Craps

There are a number of variations of online Craps that can be played at a number of different online casinos including our recommended online Craps casinos. Some variations are quite interesting and worth trying out for yourself.

While the basic mechanics of Craps will remain the same, interesting variation include Vegas Craps and Live Dealer Craps. Live Dealer Craps is the latest in online realism casino games and offers the standard Craps game with a live dealer element. This allows players who love to play Craps online the chance to still get the feel and excitement of a real live land-based casino.

Canadians can now also enjoy playing their favourite game of Craps on the go as most of our recommended Craps casinos now also offer a mobile version of the popular game. The game features all the same speed and excitement of regular online craps and can be played on most mobile devices.

Craps is possible the most exciting of all casino games and the online version is even more so. Online Craps is faster than the land-based version which means that you can get more rolls in and also enjoy the added benefits of extra online Craps bonuses and special offers.

Get the very best for your Craps adventure with Casino Canuck’s list of Online Craps casinos for Canadian players and be sure to check out our useful ad easy to follow guides and tips on everything that is Craps!

Online Craps Casino FAQ

What is craps?
Craps is a very exciting game that can also be equally intimidating. There is an almost endless number of bets players can make. And while it often seems very confusing when you look how money moves around the table and especially if you don’t know the terms or the rules, craps is still one of the most popular games, mostly because of the very good odds players have.
How is craps played?
While it looks very exhilarating on TV and in the movies, craps is definitely one of the more complicated casino games. The game is basically played in 2 rounds, a Come Out and Point round, where players bet on their own dice rolls, rolling 2 dice concurrently.
What is the difference between live craps and online craps?
Just like online roulette or online blackjack, online craps is a game that is played solo – the dealer, or in this case, the croupier is a computer program and the results of the game depend on the random number software. Online craps usually tend to move faster because players don’t have to wait for others to make their move.
What are the odds in craps?
Craps have a very low house edge, about 1.40%. This basically means that the RTP rate in craps is 98.60%, which are great odds for players in the long run. There are, of course, multiple ways to place bets in craps.
How do I play craps online?
In order to play craps online, players simply need to find an online casino that offers craps and sign up. Then they need to find an online craps table. They can then place a Pass, Don’t Pass or Proposition bet. Then all they have to do is get the dice rolling and hope for the best of luck. There are numerous online casinos that offer online craps, along with generous deposit bonuses.


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Last Updated: November 12, 2019