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Casino de Charlevoix Review

Step inside the unique and quaint world of land based casino gambling and explore the rich culture on the soil of Quebec. Situated ideally over the scenic view of waves crashing, Casino Charlevoix is the ultimate holiday destination for the avid casino player. I would recommend this gaming experience to anyone with wanderlust and a keen appreciation for the more elegant things in life.

The casino opened its doors to the public back in 1994 and has since maintained its prestigious reputation, capturing the hearts of visitors for almost 2 decades. The casino has been nestled between the Laurentian Mountains giving it the ultimate backdrop and adding to the allure of the casino and spa.

Casino de Charlevoix is regarded as a world-class resort and playground for casino enthusiasts and if you are going away at any point, this is one destination you should be considering.

The Casino de Charlevoix Casino Floor

Casino de Charlevoix floor

By the time you find yourself snapping out of your state of awe and you can manage to put one foot in front of the other to enter the casino, what meets you will once again steal your breath. Greeted by 800 slot machines and, what I estimated to be 20 gaming tables, the casino is anything but small.

The table games include variants of poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and even keno making hours of endless entertainment not just a possibility but also a reality. The energy from the casino floor is riveting and the friendly and attentive staff make your gaming experience one of convenience. There are a number of toilet facilities in the lobby and naturally, no children are allowed by the casino gaming area.

Progressive jackpots aren’t scarce, so if you are looking for a high roller game I suggest you try one of the three-card poker games which are running at the casino.

The Amenities at Casino Charlevoix Casino

The savoury side of the casino offers a grand selection of dining. Whether it’s a la carte you arelooking for or a quick bite before playing a game of blackjack, Casino Charlevoix delivers on all fronts.

  • Le Saint Laurent – Fine dining with 3-course meals and an a la carte menu for the ultimate selection of fine foods.
  • Le Bellerive – Another fine looking establishment renowned for breakfast and lunch. Ideal for the summer months courtesy of a fantastic patio set up.
  • Charlevoix St-Herbert Rotisserie – Great for both sit-down meals and takeout’s, depending on the mood.

In addition to great restaurants, there is a spa on site which requires bookings, be sure to get that full body massage before checking out.

Another feature to have attracted many players over the years is the golf course. The intense backdrop of the mountains as well as the ocean has fed into the beauty of the course and players can immediately head to the casino for a cold one after a few rounds of golf.

Entertainment and Tournaments

There is more to this casino than just winning cash. The casino floor may be one great achievement but the magic is not limited to the gaming lobby. The casino offers both indoor and outdoor pools making this ideal for any season. The indoor pools are heated so you and the family can enjoy some fun in the water. In addition to a relaxing moment in one of the pools, Casino de Charlevoix provides visitors with access to the tennis courts to burn off some energy in a healthy and recreational manner.

If you dare to venture out of the casino resort, there are hiking trails and several other activities that could make this more than just a solo journey, you could invite the entire family along for this stay.

As one could imagine, the beauty of such a place cannot be limited to current visitors but also open to weddings and conference functions. While admiring the view, ideal for wedding photos, there were a number of guests in formal attire savouring the best champagne just before a wedding commenced, it is something absolutely breath-taking.

Another entertaining aspect of the casino is Bar 21, where visitors can enjoy long nights and early mornings. Music bands live shows, and comedians are only some of the highlights you have to look forward to when entering through the doors of this bar slash nightclub.

The casino does run promotions and tournaments. Something to look forward to in 2020 is The Great Snowmobilers, where a show is on and tournaments run inside the casino while the action is held outside of the casino.

New Year is also an upcoming event where visitors are urged to book tickets as the casino is expected to be one of the highlights in Quebec going into 2020.

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