Who regulates the Canadian gaming industry?
The Canadian Gaming Commission looks after the gaming industry in Canada, providing information and responding to any problems. However, the laws of the industry are enforced by the local and provincial authorities.
Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings?
The taxes on the winnings from casinos depend on whether you declare Canada as your place of residence and if you are playing professionally or just as a hobby. Since each Canadian province has different taxation on earnings from Gambling, one should check with the local experts for more understanding of the matter.
Are online casinos safe?
Yes, online casinos with the proper licensing use all the security measures to keep your information safe and enable secured transactions.
What can a player do if he/she suspects any wrongdoings?

In case of any unfair activities, players can contact the Canadian Gaming Association and their local authorities to launch a formal complaint. They can also check with the licensing authorities to check whether a particular platform has the required permissions or not.