How to Report an Online Casino? 

Why and How to Report an Online Casino? 

In Canada, online gambling is regulated by the provinces. If you feel that an online casino is misconducted, you have the right to report it to the necessary authorities. In this article, you will learn how the casino complaints process works, the reasons people report online casinos, and to avoid falling into the trap of fraudulent casinos. 

How Does the Online Casinos Complaints Process Work? 

Before considering a third party, you should complain to the specific online casinos provider if you have any issues. Here is how the complaints process looks like. 

Read the Terms and Conditions 

The first thing you should do to determine whether the casino is in the wrong is to read its terms and conditions. These should be Ts & Cs linked with your gambling transactions or account. 

Compare your predicament with the Ts & Cs provided to find any discrepancies. Quoting the exact section can greatly help with your complaint. 

Contact the Casino 

The next step should be contacting the casino support team and submitting a complaint. You can do this on working days. Casinos are mandated by law to look into complaints and reasonably help players. You can easily find the contact information on the casino website. A gambling platform’s customer service team offers the casino complaint service to players. 

For successful resolving of your complaint, ensure that you understand your position before speaking to the support team. Record every interaction with the support team, including emails to ensure you have all correspondence, including what was said and when. 

You can take screengrabs of your disputed transactions, cashier, or gaming. When talking to the support staff, remain calm since getting angry will not help with your case. After presenting your complaint, the casino needs to follow its complaints procedure to resolve your issue. 

Await a Response 

A casino has eight weeks to resolve players’ complaints from when they receive them. They need to carry out their investigation, and once it is over, they will give you the results, and let you know what to do next.  

Escalate Your Complaint 

If you are not satisfied with their response, you can take your complaints to a higher authority in the gambling industry. The next authority figure should be an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. Such an organization is a legal entity that can do extensive checks to provide trusted verdicts. 

Contact eCOGRA 

You can further your complaint process by contacting eCOGRA.  eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is another independent company that offers dispute resolution services for online casino disputes. Find out if the casino is eCOGRA certified to file a complaint with them toll free. They will investigate and ensure that your issue is resolved. 

If all fails, or your complaint involves losing a huge amount of money or legal violations, consult a legal professional specializing in consumer laws or online gambling. You will get advice on how to proceed with your complaint. 

Online Reviews and Forums 

Consider sharing your experience on online casino reviews platforms and forums. You might find a resolution by publicizing your complaint since casinos always want to maintain a good reputation. 

Here are some of the reasons why players file complaints against online casinos. 

  • Online casinos withdrawal issues 
  • Issues with casino bonuses 
  • Accounts faults  
  • Technical issues 
  • Rigged games 

Does It Cost Money to File a Complaint Against Online Casino? 

If you are filing a complaint against a casino to a legal professional, it will cost you a certain amount of money. However, it is to eCOGRA or the casino itself, you don’t incur any costs. 

What Types of Complaints Are Covered Under the AGCO Policy? 

Here are the complaints covered by the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO). 

  • The quality of service gotten from the AGCO while accessing services and programs 
  • An individual’s or business conduct if they are regulated by AGCO 
  • The AGCOs procedures and policies application 
  • The AGCO Board Members and staff conduct 

What Types of Complaints are Not Covered Under AGCO Policy? 

According to AGCO, any displeasure with an outcome of a complaint hearing is not a complaint covered under their policy. The complaint procedure is not another type of appeal, reconsideration, or judicial review. 

Important Points About AGCO Policy 

The AGCO responds to players’ complaints and strives to resolve them. Also, their staff go above and beyond in explaining why they made their decision. For those dissatisfied with the AGCO results are free to air their concerns with the Ontario Ombudsman. 

How We at Casino Canuck Try to Avoid Listing Low Quality Online Casinos 

At Casino Canuck, we do thorough research on online casinos before we can recommend them. That is because we want to recommend only the best gambling sites to our readers. Some of the things we look into include: 

Licenses: Before we can recommend a casino, we look at its license. Does it bear a license from a reputable licensing body? Is the casino regulated? If it passes all these tests, then we review it on our site, and our readers can choose to go with it or not. 

Customer Support: In case of any dispute or issues, players need to be assured that they will get assisted. A casino needs to have exceptional customer support for us to list it on our page. 

Games Variety: Another feature we look at is the games variety. These games need to be of high quality from reputable software providers. We recommend casinos that list games from casino games providers giants. These companies have passed the test of time and continue to develop amazing game titles. 

If you are looking for a legal and safe online casino in Canada, you can be assured that you will get various options from our list. We take matters into our own hands to ensure that we have done thorough research regarding a casino. We even try it out before recommending. That way, you will not be disappointed by choosing a casino we have recommended. 

If you have ever wondered about how you can get your casino dispute resolved, we hope that this article has answered all your questions. If you need more information, let us know in the comments section below. 

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