How to Delete an Online Casino Account 

How to Delete your Online Casino Account in a Few Steps

Cecilia Mwangi
Author: Cecilia Mwangi | Updated: June 11, 2024
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Playing at an online casino can be an exciting thing but it can also cause you pain if you fail to exercise responsible gambling. Things like gambling addiction can cause detrimental effects to your health and life. Luckily, you can delete your casino account to avoid getting into more problems. In this article, you will learn more about it. 

Many reasons exist why gamblers decide to close their casino accounts permanently. Here are some of them. 

1. The Casino Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations 

If a casino no longer offers what it promised, it means that it is no longer meeting your expectations. That could be the case with customer support, games variety, or bonus offers. You could also have found better bonuses at another casino, and you don’t wish to have multiple accounts with different gambling websites. In that case, you can close your casino account. 

2. You Have a Gambling Addiction Problem 

Online gambling is fun until it is not. If you discover that gambling online is impacting your life negatively, it is time to put a stop to it. Some people end up losing their families, money, relationships, or jobs due to online gambling. You can either look into ways of gambling responsibly or close your casino account to get yourself out of gambling addiction. 

3. You Have Lost Interest in Gambling. 

People move on from different things in their lives. If you feel that gambling no longer appeals to you, closing your account is the best decision. 

4. You Want to Take a Break 

If you feel that gambling takes up too much of your time, or you simply want to take a break from it, you can choose to close your casino account. 

Different Account Closure Types 

So, now that you have decided to close your account, what are the different types of account closure? Each casino has its terms and conditions regarding closing of gambling accounts. Here are some of the ways you can close an account and stop gambling at an online casino. 

Regular Account Closure 

If you wish to close your gambling account indefinitely, you can opt for this method. Regular closure is a common method, and players can do it through the customer support team. The staff will assist you close your account either through their live chat feature or email. 

Temporary Closure 

The casino refers to temporary closure as a time-out or a cool-off period. If you choose this method, your account remains closed for a specific period, which you set. Once your account has been closed, you cannot access it until the time elapses, and your account gets automatically reopened. You don’t even need to contact customer support to have your account reopened. 


It is also known as permanent closure, which is one of the various responsible gambling protocols. If you choose this type of closure, understand that you cannot reopen your account no matter what. 

Is It Possible Closing Your Account Permanently? 

Yes, if you wish to close your account permanently, you can choose the self-exclusion option, and have your account closed for good. Remember that you cannot reopen your account in such a case. So, consider withdrawing any funds you may still have in your casino account before closing it permanently. 

How to Close Your Casino Account – Step by Step 

Follow this process to close your casino account. 

  1. Log in to your casino account and contact customer support through their live chat option. You can also send an email to the customer support team. 
  2. Explain to them why you need to close your account 
  3. Answer a few security questions the support staff may have for you, including providing your personal information. This is to verify you are the account holder, which is a standard procedure. 
  4. After providing the required information, you will be asked to confirm the closure, which may be followed by the reasons why you wish to close your account. The support staff member will then proceed to close your account. 
  5. You will get confirmation that your account has been closed within 24 hours. You will also get any funds you had in your account refunded to you if it was above the set minimum withdrawal limit. If the amount is less than the set withdrawal amount, you may have to pay a transfer fee. 
  6. Alternatively, you can look for the self-exclusion or account closure options under the responsible gambling or account settings tabs and close the account yourself by following the instructions. 

Should I Reopen My Previous Account or Open a New One? 

Depending on the type of closure you chose, you can reopen your closed account and start playing again. However, if you chose the self-exclusion option, it is impossible to reopen the account. 

Remember that it is considered illegal to open a new account at a casino you had previously registered with since it is considered fraudulent. It is, therefore, forbidden and could land you in legal trouble. 

How Can I Reopen My Account in Case I Want to? 

If you had closed your account through the regular closure option, you could contact the casino’s support team by sending them an email and request to have it reopened. In the case of a temporary closure, once the cool-off time you had set has elapsed, your account will be opened automatically. 

Does It Cost Any Fees to Reopen My Account? 

No, you don’t have to pay anything to have your account reopened. You only need to either wait for the set time to elapse in the case of a temporary closure or contact the support team to have them reopen your account. 


If you are struggling with gambling problems, you can find help. The best way is to close your account so that you can no longer get tempted to gamble. Send an email to the casino’s support team or engage them on the live chat option to have your account either closed temporarily or permanently. Remember not to register at another casino if you are trying to quit gambling. You can seek professional help to assist you in your addiction recovery. Remember to always gamble responsibly. 

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Cecilia Mwangi

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