Do Online Casinos Really Let you Win at First? 

It can be exciting to join a gambling site. The possibility of exciting bonuses and amazing games to try out is exhilarating. However, you might be wondering whether online casinos let new players win. 

For casinos to stay in business, they need to make money. This applies to both online and land-based casinos. If you have played online slots, you might have wondered whether the outcomes could be manipulated. The answer is no. Playing slots results in completely random results as you will learn in this blog post. 

Do Online Casinos Let You Win at First? 

To ensure fairness in gambling, casinos use a computer program known as a random number generator (rng) to ensure that results are random. That is why playing slots online is completely random. 

A RNG creates thousands of likely symbol combinations each second. When a player hits spin, one of the random combinations appears. That means that a casino will not let you win even if you are a new player. 

What Stands Behind this Idea? 

The idea that casinos might let new players win could be due to the fact that they give new gamblers many incentives, including welcome bonuses. With welcome bonuses such as free spins, players increase their chances of winning, which could make it look like casinos are letting new players win. However, as aforementioned, casino games are random. 

Can Online Casinos Control Who Win and Who’s Not? 

No, online casinos cannot control who wins and who doesn’t since they work on randomness of their games. Winning at an online casino while playing on an online slot machine is purely out of luck since neither the player nor the operator can predict the outcomes. 

Can You Win Consistently at Online Casinos? 

Winning consistently while playing casino games is not guaranteed due to the element of chance in casino games. Slot players understand the randomness of the slot's results outcomes. For example, it is luck that can guarantee you a big win when playing a slot game. However, in the long run, if you understand the games odds, and continue playing responsibly, you can greatly improve your winning chances.  

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus and How They Work 

Online casinos have long term goals. One of them is retaining their customers. They also want to welcome new players who may end up becoming regular and repeat customers. One way to ensure that is through a casino welcome bonus. Casinos offers can come in the form of free spins, bonus money, or both. These offers are specifically designed for new players.  

They help boost the players' bankroll and help them enjoy playing their favorite games for free. With free spins, players can enjoy spinning the reels on the specified games free of charge. However, if they win any money while playing with the free spins, they have to follow the casino’s terms & conditions before they can withdraw the money. That includes meeting the wagering requirements.  

Bonus money can be in the form of a match up bonus or no deposit bonus. With the former, the casino matches up a player’s deposit amount to a specific percentage. While in the latter, players receive free money, in the form of gambling credits without having to deposit any money. All these bonuses come with Ts & Cs that you need to read and understand. 

Is it Possible to Win Real Money with Bonuses? 

Yes, you can win real money while playing with a casino bonus such as free spins. Some of these wins can be huge too, especially if you are playing a progressive slot game.  

However, casinos set a limit to the maximum amount of money you can win from your bonus. You also have to meet the wagering requirements, and in some cases with no deposit bonus, you will have to deposit funds to withdraw your winnings. 

Do Online Casinos First Prefer You to Win or Lose? 

As aforementioned, the long-term goal of any casino is that they bring in more profits. So, even when they offer players bonuses, their intention is that you will keep playing even after exhausting the bonuses. 

That is because casinos cannot determine who wins and who doesn’t. Their hope is that people will keep playing and that means more revenue for them. There is a high likelihood that even those players who win while still new keep coming back to the casino hoping to extend their winning streak. 

For those who don’t win at first, some don’t give up, which is good news for the operators. Casinos are designed to offer players small wins in the long run, which keeps these gamblers coming back for more. 

How we Rate & Review the Top iPhone Casinos

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Safe and Secure – all licensed and regulated software such as the Europa casino iPhone app know the importance of safeguarding registered users. Keep your software up to date; hackers are always out to exploit any kind of vulnerabilities which is why you'll only get the latest in HTTPS encryption used on our list of recommended casino sites.

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Casino Bonuses – there are many advantages to playing on an iPhone such as exclusive events and bonuses only meant for mobile devices. Mobile promotions are easy to participate in, casino sites send notifications on a regular basis to help you stay in the loop. Just as a precaution, make sure any promo links you tap on come from the verified site and nowhere else. 

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Payment Option on Offer – mobile devices are surprisingly versatile, offering many types of flexible payment options that are both safe and secure. These processors have been around for ages and have a reputation built on honesty and trust. The standard time it takes to receive a withdrawal is one to five business days.

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Casino Software Providers on Offer - If you thought that playing on mobile was a limited experience then you're in for a surprise. With more than 20 different branches to choose from, the majority of popular titles are both optimized for mobile and come from highly respected game providers. Eyecon, Play'n Go and NetEnt are just some of the big names you will find.

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The Speed of Playing on iPhone Compared to Desktop - iPhone users appreciate their devices for many reasons, one being that they are functional. Increased ram and graphics hardware make it possible to do more and this includes playing online casino games. The differences are really minuscule compared to a desktop.


The notion that casinos let new players win is just a myth since they don’t have any control over who wins and who loses. If you win on your first-time playing casino games, that is purely due to chance and luck. As you plan to head online to play your favorite games, keep that in mind to avoid any disappointments. May the odds be in your favor! 

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