Case of the Missing Bingo Ball

In recent news, an unexplained occurrence involving a missing Bingo Ball and a jackpot prize of $372,229, has left viewers suspicious when Bingo ball B2 was missing from the tray. The Kinsmen Bingo Jackpot, held in November 2018, was the biggest ever charity jackpot in its history. The story of the missing Bingo ball hit national news when eagle eyed viewers spotted the B2 ball missing from the tray before the balls were even dropped into the Bingo machine.

Several viewers noticed the glitch, but it was Jennifer Cooke who took to social media with a video screen grab of the error and posted it to the Kinsmen Bingo Jackpot Facebook page. As she and her husband sat down that evening to watch the jackpot show, they joked about what would happen if the ball was actually missing. Needless to say, when they saw there was no ball in the tray, they were left stunned and immediately took action. Jennifer claimed she noticed right from the start and that it was obvious to those watching. The Bingo player also stated she couldn’t believe how two people could have missed the error.

Since the incident occurred the province’s Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority have launched an investigation into the matter, placing the lottery winnings cash prize on hold.

It is believed that the B2 Bingo ball was already in the machine before the tray added the additional 74 balls. From the 24th of November 2018 a new lottery was begun with sincerest apologies and a promise that an incident like this will never happen again. No evidence has surfaced proving the ball was actually in the machine and Jennifer Cooke doubts there was any footage taken at all. Suspicious viewers have already stated that they doubt they will ever know what truly happened to the missing Bingo ball, a true mystery to all Bingo enthusiasts.

The company has claimed they will have close up footage of each ball being selected from the machine.

Before each game the tray should be checked to ensure all is order for a fair chance of winning without any nefarious activity lurking behind the scenes. The Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Company has posted to Facebook that they hope to win back the confidence of their players and viewers after following new procedures to ensure the accident will not happen in the future.

Bingo, a simple lottery game, involves a card filled with 25 numbers. The Bingo Caller sits in front of the players and can clearly be seen by television viewers. The Bingo Board is held above the Caller and records which numbers have been called. The tumbler from where the balls are pulled are mixed up as to draw out unique balls giving all Bingo players a fair chance. Each ball called is marked with a number, number B2 was the ball which was visibly not in the tray. Needless to say viewers’ reaction was not a pleasant but no complaints have been made and faith in the authenticity of the charity’s jackpot seems to have been restored. The incident took place on the 17th of November 2018 at 5:30pm on CTV as it always does each week.

It is believed the ball remained hidden in the machine from the previous week’s game and that no suspicious activity took place. There are however sceptical viewers, but with no proof and no gain for anyone involved, the majority of viewers doubt there was any intentional harm done.

The new Kinsmen Bingo Jackpot began on $15 000 and is steadily increasing proving faith has been restored in the charity organization.

Last Updated: November 19, 2021
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