Can I play Classic Blackjack for free?

Most websites offer a free demo version that allows players try out the game before putting down real money. This option is risk free and gives players the chance to see how the game is played and practice.

What does it mean to ‘bust’ and to ‘hit’?

Players ‘bust’ when they have a hand/score that exceeds 21. This also means the player has lost. Dealers can bust when their score exceeds 21. To ‘hit’ means to draw another card.

What is a Surrender in blackjack?

A player surrenders when they choose to fold. Not all tables allow this option. A player loses only half of their bet when they surrender, instead of losing their entire wager. Surrendering is not a recommended strategy and only adds to the house advantage.

What strategy should be used to improve my blackjack game?

The only strategy for blackjack is to know the odds and optimal play for any given hand. Strategy will not give players an edge over the casinos, but it will definitely provide a way better chance than playing without it.