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American Roulette

Known historically as the ‘wheel of fortune’, Roulette joined the casinos of France and quickly swept through Europe and the rest of the gambling world to become one of the most played and most loved games ever.

Translated from the French, Roulette means ‘little wheel’ and the game is entirely based around a numbered wheel. While the game is easy enough to play on the surface (simply picking a number or colour will get you into the game) players have fervently placed their faith in various strategies and patterns in order to win.

Roulette Online is where the player chooses which of the numbers (0-36) they believe the ball will land on and place their bet accordingly. Online Roulette takes that a combination of betting patterns and strategy building to spin a fortune and with the best odds of all the casino games, remains a highly played game in every online casino.

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Gameplay and Rules

Perhaps the single biggest difference visually when you look at an American roulette table over a French or European roulette table, is the addition of another zero number on the wheel. While French and European roulette both feature just a single zero, marked on the wheel as a green slot, the American roulette wheel features a single zero on one side of the wheel and another ‘double zero’ on the other side of the wheel.

Both of these zero slots are coloured in green in the same way as French or European roulette and increase the total number count around the roulette wheel to 38, the addition of the extra zero also increases the house edge to a whopping 5.26%. Another interesting visual feature worth noting is how the numbers are arranged around the American roulette wheel. While the European and French roulette wheel numbers are arranged randomly around the wheel, the American wheel sees pairs of numbers arranged opposite to each other around the wheel. The American version of roulette also does away with some of the more traditional rules found in French roulette including La Partage and En Prison betting options. Some players prefer this as it makes the game simpler to understand and faster to play.

Playing Tips

American roulette is popular with many Canadian online roulette fans because the games is easier to understand with more streamlined rules and gameplay. As with other versions of roulette, there are still two basic styles of betting open to players, inside bets and outside bets. In fact, the only real physical difference between French, European and America roulette is the additional double zero found on the American roulette wheel and table.


Yes check mark iconFaster version of roulette
Yes check mark iconEasier to learn than French roulette
Yes check mark iconRoulette betting systems such as Martingale can be applied


No cross mark x iconBigger house advantage at 5.26%

Play American Roulette for Real Money

The wheel of fortune, a game that took way the world by storm with its popularity. American Roulette is easily the most loved and most played game out there. Here, you have to choose the number you believe the ball will land on and place bets accordingly.

You can select any number between 0-36. Put simply, the spin decides your fortune! The key difference between the American version and the European Version is the placing of zeroes.

In contrast, the European one has a single zero. The American one has a single zero on one side and a double zero on the other side of the wheel. This means that the American Roulette features 38 numbers in the American version, increasing the house edge by up to 5.26%.

Also, if you prefer easy and simple games, go for the American Roulette. Canadian players prefer American Roulette because it is the faster version, super easy to understand and play.

Our Take

American roulette has earned a bit of a bad reputation for its higher house edge at 5.26% and the additional double zero which can have quite an influence over the outcome of bets. However, the game remains popular among Canadian roulette fans for its streamlined and easy gameplay. You can find great versions of American roulette at most of our recommended Canadian online casinos.

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Last Updated: June 28, 2023
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