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Mega Vault Millionaire Review

Author: Cheshta Mann | Updated: June 3, 2024 | Ad Disclosure

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Mega Vault Millionaire logo

Mega Vault Millionaire slot game stands above and beyond every other attraction in the hearts and minds of online casino thrill seekers. Brought to you by Microgaming, the world-famous software provider and powered by MegaMoolah.com, this fun slot game could be your path to achieving Mega Vault Millionaire status! Are you a casual gamer who plays for the thrill? Or a power gamer who gets paid to play and live a luxurious life? Whoever you are, you stand the chance of enjoying life-changing wins with the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game!

Mega Vault Millionaire

Slot Info

Release Date2019
Min Bet$0.25
Max Bet$6.25

Best Mega Vault Millionaire Canadian Casinos

Rank Casino Bonus Visit Info
1 Casino Classic logo Casino Classic $200+ 40 Free Spins Visit Casino
A classic casino that delivers only the best games from Microgaming for Canadian players. Get fantastic deposit bonuses and experience thrilling gameplay! VisaInstadebitEcheckMastercardFlexepinInteracInterac e-TransferMuchBetterNeosurf
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2 Yukon Casino logo Yukon Gold $150+ 150 Free Spins Visit Casino
A state-of-the-art casino that rewards players with free spins and a great selection of all the best games. EcheckPayzFlexepinInstadebitMastercardMuchBetterInteracInterac e-TransferPaysafecard
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3 captain cooks logo Captain Cooks Casino $500+ 100 Free Spins Visit Casino
Captain Cooks is a legend in the online casino world + 100 Spins to win a million PayzMastercardPaysafecardVisaInteracInterac e-TransferEcheckInstadebitMuchBetterNeosurf
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4 Zodiac casino logo Zodiac Casino $480 Visit Casino
Zodiac Casino is one of Canada’s iconic online casinos offering great Microgaming games and 80 Chances to win a Million for $1 EcheckPayzFlexepinInterac e-TransferInteracPaysafecardMuchBetterNeosurfMastercard
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5 Grand Mondial Casino logo Grand Mondial $250 + 150 Free Spins Visit Casino
The Progressive jackpot master. Offering 150 free spins on progressive jackpot Mega Money Wheel EcheckInterac e-TransferMastercardPaysafecardVisaInteracPayzNeosurfInstadebit
18+ T&C Apply. Play Responsibly. Full Terms Apply. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario.

What's the Game Like?

Mega Vault Millionaire slot game is a progressive jackpot slot game that grants you riches beyond your wildest dreams. The minimum each jackpot offers in winnings is $1 million. You can think of it as an ATM, one that gives you money regardless of how much you have in your bank account. Why? Even with no money down, you can win life-changing amounts.

If you've ever wondered if a casino is worth your time, here's a surefire way I usually tell. Do they offer the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game right now? If they don't, one thing is clear: They don't want YouTube wins. Not to worry, though. I've quickly learned which casinos are worth my time. A hint can help you: forget about the non-Casino Rewards members. You won't get a chance to enjoy the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game with them.

Mega Vault Millionaire slot game screenshot

Now, what should you expect from the game? You can become a multimillionaire without spending more than CAD 0.25. If you've ever looked down on the concept of easy money, now would be an excellent time to shift your perspective. In addition to giving you the chance to make millions, the Mega Vault Millionaire Slot Game is so much fun to play. You'll fall in love with the clear graphics and themes that echo the lifestyle of the luxuriously wealthy. Free spins are generously offered as you play, and you can make minuscule bets to win mad money. And if you're wondering about the rules, they're straightforward to follow.

Mega Vault Millionaire aims to give everyone on the spectrum, from the Average Joe to the Average Jane, a chance to turn their lives around. This is unlike any other casino game you've played. With no deposit, you have a chance to win millions. After that shot, subsequent spins will only put a $ 0.25 dent in your pocket. That's barely a quarter of the chance to make millions. There's no risk-to-reward ratio on the planet that could beat that offer. Even George Soros himself would agree with that sentiment.

How do you Play?

The Mega Vault Millionaire slot game is straightforward. Have you ever played Mega Moolah? If you have, the rules are the same. If you haven't, no worries. You'll learn them right now. There are many bonus features to enjoy as you play, like the bonus wheel. Just like the Mega Moolah, the spins have 5 reels. Each reel has 3 symbols, and there are 25 pay lines. Here's everything you need to know as you play:

  1. The minimum coin size is $0.01.
  2. The maximum coin size is $0.05.
  3. The minimum coin bet is 1 for each pay line, giving you 25 bets.
  4. The maximum coin bet is 5 per pay line, up to 125 bets.
  5. The least amount you can bet in Canadian Dollars is $0.25.
  6. The maximum bet you can place is $6.25 in Canadian Dollars.

If you want to make the most of the game, remember it's a progressive jackpot. What does that mean? Your winning potential goes up in value incrementally each time you spin. For this reason, there's always the chance to win big with the Mega Vault Millionaire. If you've played Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, you'll understand this. The largest jackpot in Mega Moolah begins at 1 million, and each time you spin, it grows. When a player finally hits the jackpot, the value returns to its starting point at 1 million. The Mega Vault Millionaire slot game has the same logic powering it.

Introduction Video to the Gameplay 

Picture Yourself Hitting the Jackpot

The trouble with many other jackpot games is you can only win if you get the right combo of symbols. With the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game, you don't have to worry about that. Thanks to the Wild symbol, you can win big, which stands in for other symbols in the game. This wild symbol is a dollar sign since it offers you the most bang for your buck.

You can trust that the Mega Vault Millionaire bonus spins are randomly generated. There's no monkey business going on in the back. Why is that good news for you? All it takes is one paid spin at any time to unlock the gates to the jackpot bonus wheel. When you successfully activate the bonus round, you're cooking. Lock in some extra spins, and you'll get access to the Mega Vault Millionaire Wheel of Fortune, where the four segments with their different colours represent one out of the 4 Mega Vault Millionaire jackpots you can land. You have a higher chance of hitting the Mini, Minor, and Major jackpot in that order. As for the Mega jackpot? There's only one valid segment, but that could have your name on it.

So give the Bonus Vault Wheel a spin when you see it as you play the Mega Vault Millionaire. Please wait until the arrow stops; whatever it lands on is yours to keep. Can you see it in your mind yet? Picture a message on the screen telling you you're now in the envied class of millionaires in the world. That's the gift the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game offers you!

Why Choose Mega Vault Millionaire Slot Game?

Become an Instant Millionaire

With only one click, you can enjoy a gaming experience unrivalled by anything you've ever imagined. Would you like to be part of the elite, exclusive group of gamers and wager to become a Mega Vault Slot Millionaire? There's no reason you shouldn't and a million reasons you should. If you do the smart thing and sign up right now, you get one chance to become a Mega Vault Millionaire.

Pay Nothing, Win a Million

The only thing better than becoming a millionaire in a heartbeat is not having to give up anything to win. That's right. With no deposit, your bank balance can acquire a nice-looking set of extra zeroes for nothing! On top of that, you get 40 more chances to achieve millionaire status thanks to the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game when you make an initial deposit as low as $1, €1, or £1. That's the opportunity of a lifetime and for next to nothing.

Get 100% Match Bonus up to 200

When you sign up to play the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game, you are instantly eligible to claim a 100% match bonus on your deposit up to 200. So what are you waiting for? Make it a party. Get your friends and family to sign up and seize the lifetime opportunity.

Take Advantage of Free Spins and Multipliers

How would you like to save money and spin the wheel for free? With the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game, you can get as many as 15 spins when you land at least three Faberge eggs on the reels, all free. What's even better than these free spins? Each win from these free spins is automatically tripled. Talk about being a Mega Vault Millionaire three times!

What's more? There is no limit on how many times you can trigger a free spin. At this point, passing up the chance to win as big as this would be criminal!

Enjoy Progressive Jackpot

Mega Vault Millionaire is a thrilling game that seeks to reward you in every way possible. You'll fall in love with it as you play to win a progressive jackpot, beginning at a whopping $1 million and efficiently running into tens of millions. What do you have to give up to win that sweet moolah? Spin the wheel with a simple click and give yourself the chance to be rich. It doesn't matter what the size of your bet is. You stand the chance of becoming a millionaire in a single spin. You, too, can join the ranks of the many millionaires that have been made thanks to the Mega Moolah series, which Mega Vault Millionaire belongs to.

With four jackpot levels, kicking off at just $10 with the Mini Jackpot, moving on to $100 for the Minor Jackpot, then the Major Jackpot beginning at $10,000, and finally, the Mega Jackpot starting at a mouth-watering, heart-pounding $1,000,000, you have the chance to win bigger and bigger with each spin.

Play Anywhere, Stay Mobile

Are you someone who likes to play on the go, wherever you are? There's no reason you should be cuffed to your computer. Fortunately, Mega Vault Millionaire has been designed for you. You can have time to secure your millionaire status from your palm through your mobile phone. 

What's more? You don't have to download an app to take advantage of your many shots at becoming a Mega Vault Millionaire. The user interface of the website is mobile-friendly, so forget about the Play Store or App Store if you don't care about apps. You don't need an app to win big. Your phone or tablet is more than enough.

Where Can You Play?

After everything you've read, you're ready to play and claim your Mega Vault Millionaire status, right? The question is, where can you play? The Mega Vault Millionaire slot game is a Casino Rewards exclusive game. You could check out Casino Classic, one of the top Mega Vault Millionaire casinos. Are you a new player? You're going to love that casino. You get 40 tries with a minimum deposit of a staggering whopping… $1. That's it. There's no catch, no hidden fees, nothing to worry about. So, it would be best if you hurried to head on to Casino Classic and sign up.

casino rewards logo on light green background with gold coins on the sides

Need more content with one casino? Where else should you sign up to win big from the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game? Check out Bonus.ca. You'd be crazy not to. Why? They have a crazy offer that will make your mouth water and your wallet fatter. With just $10, you can get up to 150 spins. The saying "too good to be true" holds no water here. Sign up right away and see for yourself.

Zodiac Casino is another excellent choice, offering you 80 spins for a dollar only. If you have friends and family who love the thrill of online casinos, get them to sign on. Just four of you would give you 320 chances at winning big and enjoying Mega Vault Millions!

An intelligent player knows the importance of diversifying investments. So, why limit yourself to one or two casinos when you could enjoy multiple chances to have a seven-figure bank balance? Check out Captain Cooks Casino; for just $5, you get a whopping 100 free spins. Do you think that's too generous? Well, here's one better. Try Yukon Gold Casino and just 10$ nets you 125 free spins. Other casinos worth your time include Quatro Casino and Grand Mondial Casino. There are so many ways for you to win and so many opportunities for you to cash out. You have no excuse to let these golden opportunities to become a Mega Vault Millionaire slip by.

Play Strategically to Win Exponentially

You can change your financial status with the Mega Vault Millionaire slot game. The question is, how? Should you "go big or go home?" Whatever you decide, you can still go home with a big payout. You alone get to decide. However, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • You still get free spins if you bet high or low.
  • Free spins are offered three times, whatever you win.
  • The golden key is the one that unlocks the mega vault.
  • The silver key unlocks fantastic wins, which, while not the same as the mega vault, are still impressive.
  • Want to have a higher shot at winning? Up your stakes.
  • Want more chances to spin? Be conservative with your bets.
  • Want to take advantage of winning big and having enough tries? Go big when you have a winning streak, and ease your foot off the pedal when your winning streak is on a break.

Mega Vault Millionaire slot game is your shot at becoming a millionaire. You know this. You can hear that voice telling you this is your moment. This is your golden ticket. So why not seize the day? Ride the wave of adrenaline, feel the thrill of each spin, and play your way to becoming a Mega Vault Millionaire.

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