New Millionaires: Recent Big Mega Moolah Winners

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular progressive jackpots developed by Microgaming and it has developed a reputation for providing players with millions of dollars in cash prizes, regardless of the size of their bet. This is a slot that’s garnered a mass following, with more and more players learning about it and trying their luck. Of course, a win isn’t guaranteed; however, the possibility of landing a win over $1 million is enough to get your motor running.

If you’re not familiar with this progressive slot then allow us to give you a brief explanation. The base version of the game is like any other slot, you set your wager, spin the reels, and hope for the best. However, the jackpot aspect of the game is the most exciting as you’ll randomly trigger this game and it will pop up regardless of the size of your bet. The jackpot consists of four sizes, each one representing a different value and can only be triggered at certain times of the day.

What makes Mega Moolah so attractive is that anyone can enjoy it. It doesn’t require you to place large bets, and as you’ll find out below, the only requirement that you’ll need to win the grand prize is a lot of luck. In this segment, we’ll be taking at the most recent Mega Moolah winners and what they had walked away with.

Mega Moolah

Latest Mega Moolah Millionaire of April 2021

A Belgian casino player was lucky enough to win the amazing amount of 19.4 Million Euros on Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad, a trendy variety of the original with extremely high chances to crack the jackpot. Since its launch in May of 2020, it has made quite a few gamblers happy and very rich. This player in particular has been hit the jackpot at Napoleon Sports and Casino, but any casino connected to the Microgaming progressive network offers the exact same chances to win.


All Recent Big Winners of 2021 and 2020 Listed

Below we’ll be taking a look at the biggest Mega Moolah wins in recent times with amounts exceeding $1 million.

$16 Million – Jackpot City (04/2020)

An anonymous player from Canada had managed to win the jackpot prize of C$16,496,347.95. The prize was won at Jackpot City Casino which assures us that this player is Canadian. No other details are available as the player had chosen to remain anonymous, as most of them do.

$13 Million – River Belle Casino (05/2020)

A New Zealand-based player had won a massive NZ$13,615,861.49, which is the largest New Zealand currency win in the history of the slot. This isn’t the first +NZ$10 million wins in New Zealand, as RawiriPou had held that record of NZ$10,144,395.82 since he had won back in 2016. New Zealand also has a long list of past winners and what makes it somewhat easier is the fact that there are online casinos in the region that offer 200 free spins on the Mega Moolah slot when players sign up.

$4.4 Million –Casino Rewards (05/2020)

Canadian players seem to have luck on their side when it comes to Mega Moolah as yet another lucky player had triggered the biggest jackpot of C$4,480,847.46. While it’s not the largest Mega Moolah win, it’s still a huge chunk of change to win on a jackpot slot.

$9.9 Million – Jackpot City Casino (05/2020)

It seems like May 2020 was a busy month for Mega Moolah as it had claimed its second winner in a relatively short timeframe. Details about the winner are unknown; however, the win came from a Canadian online casino and a figure of $9,959,553.83 had been won.

€14 Million –Lucky Casino (08/2020)

One of the largest wins in Euros and the history of Mega Moolah, this is the 15th Euro win which ends a long dry spell for the region regarding the progressive slot. The winner of the jackpot has opted to remain anonymous, but we imagine that this could be a monumental period in their lives.

$4 Million– Unspecified Casino (09/2020)

This is the 22nd Canadian winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot and the smallest cash prize to be won on the grand prize of the Mega Moolah slot. There might be something in the water in Canada as this amount takes the grand total that’s been won in the region up to $153 million.

$3 Million – Unspecified Casino (09/2020)

Another win for New Zealand, this winner has opted to remain anonymous, as most jackpot winners do. This is also the 7th win for New Zealand with a figure of $3,075,080.56. The total amount for Kiwi wins is around the figure of NZ$43 million.

$6 Million – Unspecified Casino (10/2020)

The 8th win for the New Zealand game with a figure of $6,017,395.68 is the 4th largest Mega Moolah win in the region and the 3rd win for the nation in 2020. This also means that out of all of the wins that have come in 2020, the wins that have come out of New Zealand have accounted for 37.5%.

€2Million – Napoleon Sports & Casino (04/2021)

This is one of the smaller European wins and it has come a few days before the large jackpot that’s mentioned below.

€19.4 Million – Napoleon Sports & Casino (04/2021)

This is one of the latest wins and it has come to a lucky player in Belgium and this win of €19,430,723.60 has come by way of a small bet on the Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah jackpot slot.

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

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