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Football has been declared the most popular game in the world by some margin and has held this spot for quite some time now. Ever since the likes of Pele and Maradona graced the pitch it saw a massive rise in supporters and viewers. Nowadays the names of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered the greatest players of our time and have brought even more people into the beautiful game.

Evolution Gaming is currently the world’s leading B2B Canadian live casino software and game supplier and once again they have proved why. Known to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new games, Evolution Gaming has given the crowd something to cheer about by expanding on their already massive card game portfolio.

With their world class live studios that have a variety of cameras placed all around the studio, players are able to view the action from multiple angles ensuring they never miss any of action. Depending on your internet speed, players are even able to view the live game in HD.

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Redefining the Canadian live casino environment is at the top of Evolution Gaming casino list and they have gone leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors with regards to Deal or No Deal. By offering an immersive experience to players this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to live entertainment offered by casinos.

The CEO of Evolution Gaming said that he wanted to stay true to the Deal or No Deal show by implementing the presenter and the thrill and excitement of the suspense of the banker’s offer, and at the same time, having it as a live game for online players.

Live Casino: Football Studio by Evolution Gaming

Football studio is a basic two card game which is played on a table that resembles a football pitch. The game play is simple to follow, all players really have to do is choose between the two cards dealt by the dealer. Just like in all football betting, players will have to place their bets on what the outcome of the game will be. For instance, will the match result in a draw, which means that the two cards drawn both share the same face value or which of the two cards have a higher value, obviously like in the game the highest number of goals wins.

All football fans love banter, whether it is about the legality of a goal, which player should be substituted, did the tackle deserve a yellow card or why their team is better. This seems to be an essential part of football supporters lives seen as they can’t get on the pitch themselves.

Evolution Gaming casinos have created a thrilling environment and this is achieved by their game hosts who clearly have extensive football knowledge. By engaging with players on what seems to be a personal level regarding a variety of topics which include their own play by play match commentary, all out goal celebrations reminiscent of the greats and even having their say when it comes to great calls and bad decisions. All these attributes contribute to making the game even more appealing to football fans the world over.

Playing Tips

To be honest there is almost no way you are able to guarantee a win in Evolution Games Football Studio. The game is based purely on chance and since only two cards are drawn in a game it is highly unlikely that players will be card counting either. Although players can view the results of the previous 24 games, there is no saying whether history will repeat itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Football fans will have a place to discuss, rant, rave and just enjoy the company of other football fans from around the world, all from the comfort of their own homes. Games are based on current leagues and stats which means that it is all up-to-date discussions that players will partake in, include the fact that should there will be an actual live game of footy being played which will be displayed on your screen while you are playing makes this game a must for all the fans out there.

We would have to say that there are almost no disadvantages, apart from the fact that if you do not have great internet speed, you will not be watching the lives games in high definition.

Live Football Studio Games Vs Standard Virtual Football Studio Games

Live Football Studio games are very straightforward and fun. In addition to the football theme table, the dealers also deliver football commentaries, making the game all the more exciting.

You can also enjoy live chatting with live dealers and other players on the table. You can play this simple card game while chatting about your favourite football players and team. Sounds pretty awesome! Furthermore, you also have access to a detailed stats tab while playing a live Football Studio game.

The social and live dealer element is absent in online Football Studio games. Playing an online Football Studio game might feel more like a card game when compared with its live counterpart. The experience can be rather solitary and tedious, unlike the excitement when playing a live Football Studio game.

Our Take

The game is super simple and doesn’t require much attention as all players will be doing is placing bets on 3 different options, basically whether the match is a draw or win or loss. As usual the top Canadian online casinos where the live games are played are unrivalled thanks to the state-of-the-art production studios which are fully equipped to maximize player enjoyment.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022
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