Slot Strategy: The Ultimate Guide on How to Win Big!

There is no doubt that all types of online slots are appealing. Slot players can increasingly improve their chances of winning with strategy. The problem that most online slot players seem to face is when to quit while they’re ahead. Most slot players are transported to a happy place when money is on the table. Slots are well-designed and enhanced with popular themes, animating the player’s senses and attracting die-hard fans of specific genres.

There is a misconception that winning slots is based solely on fate. It is best to discard the misconception purely based on mysticism. Rather have the benefit of the doubt and walk into this opportunity with a solid game play in mind in the hope of walking out with much-deserved winnings in a matter of spins.  If you’re a budding online slot player, there is a host of factors and strategies to consider when winning at slot machines.

Beat the slots

Many non-gamblers or cynics have an idea that Canadian online slots are designed to beat the player and steal one’s earnings (when delving into many unimaginative misconceptions of online slots, this would be one of them). It is essential for players to take their bankroll into consideration. It is easy to be captivated by the beautifully design and orchestration of the game that you are able to lose to the infinite amount of spins. Playing online slots is a mental game, you need to find a strategy and be consistent. The strategy of keeping your eyes on the prize in ‘the cup shuffle game’ may be applied when playing online slots.

Pay attention to slots with a progressive jackpot because you are able to bet small and earn big.  Target high variance slots as you are able to drain a highly generous jackpot on a single spin with the added attractive features such as graphics as a bonus. There are, however, risks to betting big as you are able to lose a major sum of dough. Do your homework and research recent winners at online casinos that you are currently visiting and avoid those slots that have recently paid winners as you are more likely to win petty cash or nothing at all and less likely to win a huge amount of cash.

Online Slot Strategies

How to Win at Slot Machines in Casinos

Thinking of heading to Vegas to hit the slots? Well, casino slot machines are the real deal! Although they have some things in common with online casinos, they have vastly different strategies. maybe you are heading to Vegas to play some slotsBelow, we’ve shared our casino slot machine strategy for winning big on slot machines.

Choose Casino Slot Machines with the Lowest Jackpots

This sounds counterintuitive, but the frequency of winning is higher on machines with smaller jackpots than with those offering the big prizes. If you’re looking to win, pick machines with the smallest jackpot possible. The individual winnings will be smaller but can add up fast! Pay attention because the jackpots on different slot machines might be different even if they look the same.

Wager the Maximum Bet

As the saying goes, you must pay to play, and that’s true on slot machines. Regardless of whether the machine is a progressive jackpot or not, players have a higher chance of winning when they bet higher.

Pick Slot Machines in Busy Areas

When at a casino, look for what are referred to as "loose slots", slot machines in high-traffic areas of the casinos. They typically have more frequent payouts. Why is this? It's all about marketing — the sights and sounds of people winning encourages others to play as well.

Always Follow Your Fun

Choose slots that you enjoy playing. That way, whether you win or lose, you're guaranteed to have a great time.


Your experience on an online slot machine should be fun, lucrative and rewarding. It is important to acknowledge your limitations when it comes to making decisions on whether to stop or carry on ‘spinning.’ Sometimes it is best to keep the money you have earned instead of betting higher in hopeless pursuit of gaining more when experiencing a pattern of repetitive loss.

It is important to develop a pattern of positive earning. If you find yourself on a winning streak, bet higher to increase your earnings. If you find yourself on a losing streak, bet small amounts or switch slots. Switching online slots enables you to experience different slots and helps locate a slot that is best suited for you.

You should aim to play online slots in Canada for the fun of it and increase your endurance in the game. Not by hanging on by a mere thread but instead to increase your earnings and enjoy the visuals, sounds and themes that the slot offers.  Don’t only focus on fattening your wallet but rather develop a game plan earlier on and maintain it. Live in the moment and enjoy the experience of online gaming equipped with a winning strategy.

Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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