Online Casino Scams

Understanding Online Casino Scams

Are there fake online casinos? That is the question we are trying to answer today. Before signing up at an online casino, you need to understand that many scam casinos also exist. Failing to take precautions can result in you setting yourself up for loss. Online casino scams have been there for many years, and that is why players need to be cautious.

One of the many questions players might have is are there fake online casinos? The answer is yes since some unscrupulous casino operators want to defraud people their hard-earned cash. If you are not careful, you can end up losing your money and/or your identity to identity thieves.

So, what kinds of casino scam exist?

Deposit Theft

One of the most common casino fraud is deposit theft. In such cases, players deposit funds but the money never reflects in their accounts. Alternatively, as a player, you may receive a notification that your deposit request was declined regardless of having enough money in your bank account.

While this may be a glitch or a one-off incident, if it ever happens to you, get in touch with the casino’s customer support immediately. That way, you can have the issue resolved. However, to avoid falling for the deposit theft scam, always ask yourself is this online casino fake or real before signing up and depositing funds. You can read reviews about the casino to make an informed decision.

Chargeback Abuse

Online casino scams work both ways. For example, another type of casino fraud is chargeback abuse. While it is common to lose more than you intended when gambling online, chargeback abuse is a different thing. Also referred to as first-party or friendly fraud, chargeback abuse happens when a disgrunted player is displeased with their losses and thus files a chargeback via their bank even when the transactions were legitimate.

If the chargeback is granted, it means that the casino losses revenue and any additional penalties or processing fees. Unfortunately, online casino gambling is sensitive and unauthorized gambling transactions are rampant. That means that it would be a nearly futile for a casino to successfully fight back against a player’s dispute.


Another form of casino fraud is non-payment. In this case, a casino refuses to pay out its players’ winnings. With such casinos, when a player wins money and claims their payout, the gambling platform might claim that they don’t meet the wagering requirements required before they can withdraw the funds even when they do.

Also, the platform may claim that there was an error with the deposit. If you face problems when trying to claim your winnings, even when you have met all the requirements, chances are you are getting scammed.

Phising Scams

Phising is also among the many online casino scams that players face. It is the attempt by an unauthorized person to get personal information, including usernames and passwords by looking like a legitimate entity. Various phising scams exist, and here are some of them.

Email Scams

With email scams, a fraudster will send you a email that seems like it is from the casino. Fraudsters may check your social media accounts to determine which casinos you frequent. In the email, there will be a suggestion for players to click a link to receive a bonus offer or something of the sort.

However, instead of getting redirected to the casino’s official website, the link leads you to a spoof site where unknowingly, you may enter your password and other log-in details. In the process, you may lose access to your email account permanently.

With email scams, if you lose access to your primary email account, it means that fraudsters can have easily access and mine your information and even bypass two-step authentication processes locking you out.

Bonus Scams

Most online casinos offer players bonuses to entice them. However, some scammers use this to defraud players. They proceed to create fake bonus offers that are too good to resist and then trick players into depositing funds so that they can unlock and claim the said bonuses. However, once you deposit the money, you don’t get any reward but instead lose.


Malware is among the things that come to mind whenever players hear about online casino scams. It is for a good reason since hackers can infect your computer enabling them to steal your sensitive information. The malicious software then offers strangers access to your sensitive personal data which they then use to threaten you for a ransom (ransomware).

The best way to avoid malware is by always being sure of the links you click on and visit. You can also invest in a good antivirus program to protect your computer from hackers.

Banking/ Personal Information Theft

Among all the casino scams for Canadian players, this is the most challenging to avoid. Whenever you are signing up at an online casino, the platform will ask you to provide them with banking and personal information, including address, name, social security number, date of birth, and credit card information before you can proceed to the next steps.

The bad thing about this is that scammers and hackers can also access this sensitive information and do identity theft. Alternatively, they can commit other kinds of fraud using your information. To avoid banking/ personal information theft, only register at a casino that takes security seriously. It should have encryption software in place to ensure that no third-parties can access players’ information.

Rigged Games

Some scammers go to the extent of creating fake online gambling platforms and proceed to rig their games so that nobody ever wins. When this happens, players are persuaded to keep playing hoping that they will eventually get out of the losing streak and win some money. Eventually, a player will either continue depositing more money chasing the losses or quit.

The worst part about this type of scam is that it is difficult to prove that it is fraud since casino games don’t always offer players the best chances of winning.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams

Now that you have learned about the different online casino scams, it is time to know how you can avoid them. Here are some tips.

Only Gamble at Reputable Casinos

The first thing you should consider is only playing at reputable online casinos. Research on the platform before signing up. You can read reviews from other players.  If you find more negative reviews than positive ones, avoid the platform. Ensure that they have all the required licenses, they respond to players questions, they have strict security protocols, and they are regulated by a governing body.

Use Antivirus Software

To avoid ransomware and malware, always ensure that you have the right antivirus installed in your computer to help you protect your data from cyber threats. With more than 11% of security breaches and cyber attacks resulting from viruses in Canada, it is wise to take precaution to ensure that your computer is safe from viruses.

Deposit Small Amounts at First

When you visit a casino for the first time consider making small deposits first and avoid going big. That way, if a casino is fraudulent, you don’t end up losing a lot of money. While losing any money is unfortunate, you cannot compare losing $10 with $1,000 since it will hit you differently.


Online casino scams are real, and they can happen to anyone regardless of their gambling experience. Knowing the kids of scams that exist, before signing up at a casino, ask yourself is this online casino fake or real? Always take precautions to avoid getting scammed.

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