New E-Wallet Payment Methods You Can Find at Online Casinos

An Introduction to E-Wallet Payments

Electronic wallets or e-wallets are convenient for use at online casinos in Canada. You can use your e-wallet to send and receive digital currency as necessary. These wallets support various currencies, including Canadian dollars. You can even transfer funds between different currencies or assets as necessary, although some fees may apply for these deals.

You can add money to your e-wallet through a bank transfer and use it to complete your online orders. You can also transfer funds from your casino account back to your bank through your e-wallet. Some digital wallets also support online vouchers where you can fund your wallet without linking to a bank.

An e-wallet helps you manage deposits and withdrawals with ease. Many models can also keep your data safe by using encryption and multi-factor authentication to confirm transactions. But you’ll need to keep your password and other info surrounding your account safe to keep other parties from accessing it without your permission.

You’ve got a thorough assortment of e-wallets to use when getting money to an online casino in Canada. But there are also a few new options to explore when using e-wallet online casinos.

Here are four payment methods that are new to online casinos in Canada. Not all e-wallet casinos will accept payments from these choices, so many sure you look at what these wallets offer before choosing one to fund your account.

Payment Background

New E-Wallet Banking Methods You Can Find at Online Casinos in Canada

Luxon Pay

Luxon Pay Logo

Luxon Pay is an exciting digital wallet that supports multiple currencies. You can deposit and transfer funds in various currencies, including Canadian dollars.

Luxon Pay supports free instant transfers, plus it offers a safe setup for work. The app uses two-factor authentication and biometrics. A smart rules engine also tracks how customers access data, plus you’ll get instant notifications on all transactions. You can also receive alerts in cases where someone attempts to access your data on an unauthorized device.

You can fund your e-wallet through Visa and MasterCard payments, or you can use an alternative payment method like Trustly, TrustPay, or Interac to transfer funds. The e-wallet will read your transaction and get your funds out to your account as soon as possible.

Most transactions with Luxon Pay are also free to handle. A 2 percent fee applies for currency exchange transactions.


MiFinity logo

Mifinity provides a simple approach to managing money that makes it popular for e-wallet online casinos in Canada. Mifinity lets you transfer funds from your bank to your e-wallet with no added fees. This feature is thanks to Mifinity using the International Bank Account Number or IBAN standard for automating international payments, providing a faster and more secure system for handling funds.

You can also order a Mifinity voucher through various websites to fund your account without having to link a bank account to your Mifinity wallet. Mifinity vouchers are sold in multiple denominations and are available in Canadian dollars.



SticPay is the next of the wallets you can use at e-wallet casinos in Canada. Sticpay can connect to a bank account in minutes, plus you can use credit or debit cards or cryptocurrencies to fund your Sticpay wallet. The wallet charges a 1 to 2 percent fee for bank wire transfers, with other charges varying based on whatever measure you use for depositing or withdrawing funds.

You can also order a Stic Card from Sticpay to access your Sticpay e-wallet funds from anywhere worldwide. You can use this to handle ATM withdrawals or offline purchases, making it easier to use whatever funds you might win while playing at an online casino.

Perfect Money

Perfect Money Logo

The last option to see among e-wallets for online casinos is Perfect Money. Perfect Money is convenient for various online retailers around Canada, as it can be integrated into shopping cart software programs like OpenCart, CubeCart, and ZenCart. The e-wallet also supports quick currency transfers, plus it can handle Bitcoin and gold purchases.

You can find your Perfect Money account through various measures, including bank wire transfers and online vouchers available through the Perfect Money website and other retailers. Deposit fees start at 0.5 percent, but Bitcoin deposits do not incur any fees. Bank fees will apply when you withdraw your funds, but the terms will vary by situation and how much you plan on handling at once.


Be sure when looking for e-wallet casinos in Canada that you find places that can support whatever online wallet you wish to use. E-wallet online casinos can accept funds like other popular payment methods through these online systems to help people get started playing games. Watch for any fees necessary through some wallets and systems, and be aware of any limits surrounding how much money you can send or withdraw from a casino with your e-wallet.

Last Updated: August 6, 2023
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