GotSkill Games Banned From Ontario Bars and Pubs

Making waves in Ontario news headlines is GotSkill Games and the recent ban from bars, pubs and any area which isn’t a legal gambling land establishment. Gone are the days when pub-goers would play GotSkill Games whilst sipping on a pint. So what happened? On the 15th of August, Ontario’s top court ruled against the brand operating games anywhere outside casino jurisdiction. The court claimed that although it was a game of skill, it still required luck to win and as a result was to be classed under casino games. This ruling overruled a smaller court’s ruling which, at the time, allowed GotSkill Games to operate in over 200 bars and pubs across Ontario. The smaller court judge, AndrasSchreck, ruled in favour of the gaming brand back in September 2018. His reasoning was that it was a game of skill rather than chance and those players to obtain 110% on the skill task, would win more than lose.

The reason for such a heavy ban is because the liquor licensing laws of Ontario ban any casino games, or better put, any games of chance, from liquor-licensed establishments. Due to this, the Registrar of Alcohol, Gaming and Racing, ruled that GotSkill Games was, indeed, games of chance that resulted in a form of gambling.

What Is GotSkill Games?

The brand is a video product designed and developed by Canadian company SBG (Skill Based Games) Inc. The trademark video slot operated screen, would and still can if only for a short while, be found in many local pubs and bars as it was used as a source of real money entertainment.

What the Ban Means for Patrons

While many would debate that GotSkill Games was a waste of time and money, there are some who were avid fans and will be affected by the ruling. The food and beverage industry in Ontario may also be affected as these games would also attract patrons, keep them at the establishment buying food and drinks to remain to play.

GotSkill is a popular and well-loved game which can now only be played in casino establishments and many gaming enthusiasts may feel sourly over the latest ruling. The fight to bring down GotSkill games has been effective since 2017 and only 2 short years later, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, finally succeeded both disappointing many while others were in agreement of the ban.

After careful deliberation, it was found the video machine games were in fact both a game of chance and a game of skill which does indeed class it as a casino game. When the issue was first addressed at the Superior Court, Andras Schreck mentioned for the record that with GotSkill Games, the skills used during gameplay, can eventually determine the outcome of the game which classifies it under a game of skill. However, with the obvious recent turn of events, the Appeal Court has highlighted that the game is a game based on eventual chance making it fall under the casino and alcohol jurisdiction which will result in getting the brand expelled from licensed vendors.

The ruling gave the company some leeway to remove their games throughout the remainder for this year and the beginning of next.

GotSkill on the Ban

The gaming supplier has been hit hard and with this ruling, the company is bound to lose massive revenue. In lieu of the new ruling, GotSkill has hit back and stated they would be appealing the verdict in hopes of getting the ruling thrown out. The Canadian gaming provider intends to appeal the court’s decision in a statement made by Skill Based Games president, Tony Carvalho. The president of the company stated that he had not expected this outcome and that they have already served the necessary papers to begin the process of appealing the ruling.

Not only has the company begun the process of the appeal but they have also begun discussions on how they will proceed in the interim. The president has said that he has good conscience the company will be able to conform to the ruling and even make revisions required.

The AGCO (The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) stated that if the court’s decision was final thereafter, and the gaming brand cannot legally be hosted and played in a licensed establishment, then the direct liquor license holders would be requested to remove the machines from their establishments.

The ruling came as a surprise and with news of the brands reaction to appeal; there are many players and establishment owners backing the appeal.

Only time will tell whether or not the final decision will be in favour of GotSkill Gaming or if they will be restricted to casino gambling establishments in Canada. Click here to see a full list of casinos in Canada.

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