Can you undo a bet?

You can undo a bet if you place it before the countdown to the start of the next game begins. For example, you could reserve a bet for the next round by clicking the proper button while a current game takes place. You’ll have the option to undo that bet until after that current game ends.

What is the minimum cash out total on a crash casino game?

The minimum cash out total is 1.01x.

Is it possible for a ship to not launch?

Sometimes the ship might crash at the very start, ending in a 1x result. You will automatically lose if this happens.

Does the game list the prior results?

You can see the results of the past few ships on the top or side of the game screen. Like with any other casino game, the results are always random, so be observant of what might happen while the game is in progress.

What is the highest possible multiplier you could get on one of these games?

It’s hard to figure out what the highest multiplier could be, but it can get to 1,000x or higher in some rare cases. Each online Canadian casino will have a maximum payout limit for what you can win, so check the rules first before playing.

Can you use a free play or practice play option when playing a crash game?

Crash games don’t come with free or practice play features. You can watch a game in progress and see how other players in the same room react, but you’ll have to play with real money if you want to actually get in.

How often do draws happen?

An online Canadian casino will keep a crash game going nonstop. There is typically about five to fifteen seconds between each game. The timing will vary by website, but it provides enough to allow people to get their bets in.