Collusion Costs Casino Regina $30K in Blistering Scandal

In a scandal that is almost too hot to handle, Casino Regina has cost the Saskatchewan government close to $30 000, all courtesy of a sneaky blackjack table dealer. The total of the loss was tallied over the span of 3 months and all it took was one alert visitor to spot the suspicious exchange between a dealer and a guest before the case was cracked open and the weak plan fell apart.

The dealer, whose name was not released, had been siphoning money from the casino for a total time period of almost three months. The young dealer had been employed by Casino Regina for almost two years, working at the blackjack table. Casino Regina has a strict policy of zero tolerance when it comes to cheating or colluding. Since they trusted and employed the dealer, Casino Regina was completely unaware of the illegal activity that had been taking place.

In a bizarre turn of events, it was revealed to the media that the customer had previously had a connection with the dealer and that the two had planned the casino scam as early as January 2020. The total amount, and the amount that has been accounted for, added up to a whopping bill of $29,435 over the time period of the scam. The money has been directly stolen from the Saskatchewan government.

The losses were confirmed by Casino Regina after a detailed investigation. It turns out the scam was happening just before the Coronavirus caused most casinos in Canada to close their doors to the public.

The Unravelling of the Incident

Many have wondered how months of collusion could have gone unnoticed and how it was revealed that an employee on the casino floor was able to cheat undetected for so long. According to sources, a customer witnessed an unusual exchange between the dealer and the player at Casino Regina. The particular source, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters that the dealer was paying out losing hands to the co-conspirator at one of the blackjack tables.

Naturally, the accusation raised red flags, and thanks to a team of professional experts and the observant patron, the culprit was monitored and eventually caught red handed. As it turned out, the dealer and the accomplice had known each other for a period of 2 years by the time the cheating took place

As soon as video footage confirmed collusion, the casino put the employee on leave. After a thorough investigation was conducted, the employee was fired from Casino Regina and the media was immediately addressed about the situation to assure current members that no such behaviour would be tolerated and that extra measures would be taken in order to prevent future scandals such as this from reoccurring.

The Verdict

After the necessary steps were taken to ensure the safety and security of not only the casino but also of other players in the casino, Casino Regina enhanced its security system and decided to become more focused on the players that frequent the casino. Criminal charges have been placed against the guilty parties since the pristine reputation of this land based casino establishment was marred. However, despite the unsavoury turn of events, Casino Regina plans a hearty return and assured its loyal client base of Canucks that no such behaviour will be allowed.

After lockdown, and once businesses regain their footing, there is bound to be similar occurrences. However, as a result of incidents like these, many casinos in Canada have become more vigilant, reinforced their zero-tolerance policy for theft and collusion, and reminded patrons that security should be immediately notified of any suspicious behaviour. This is an example of something that could not happen at online casinos in Canada.

Last Updated: August 6, 2023
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