Can you Cash a Casino Voucher Online? 

It is Possible to Cash a Casino Voucher Online?

Cecilia Mwangi
Author: Cecilia Mwangi | Updated: June 11, 2024
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The gambling industry continues to grow and as technology evolves, players are constantly looking for more secure and convenient ways of depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos. One payment that has gathered immense popularity over the past years is online casino vouchers.  

Receiving a voucher at an online casino is a great way of enhancing your gambling experience. This article explains how casino vouchers work, and why you should consider them. 

What Are Casino Vouchers? 

A casino voucher refers to a token that a casino operator issues to players to help them enjoy a free wager. The amount of money a voucher is worth is indicated on the voucher. 

Vouchers come with a special code, which a player can use to deposit money to their casino account. The vouchers give players a level of security and anonymity since they don’t need to share their sensitive banking details. 

How Does Casino Vouchers Work? 

If you choose to deposit funds with a voucher, you need to buy the token/voucher in advance from a retailer. That means that you use cash to buy the vouchers. To process your transactions, you need to make payments through the provided unique code that you receive for each transaction. 

Once you input the code under the payments section, money will be deducted from your voucher once the transaction goes through. 

How to Get Casino Vouchers? 

Various types of online casino vouchers exist, and players can use them to even claim bonuses. Here are some ways you can get a casino voucher. 

  • Gift Cards: Some gambling sites give their players gift cards as a way of marketing their services and enticing players. When you redeem a gift card, you receive a certain amount of money. Ou can use different gift cards to fund your account. 
  • Casino Voucher Codes: You will find these codes on many online casino sites. They are designed to encourage new players to join casinos and for existing ones to keep playing. These codes give players a certain amount of money. You can contact a casino’s support team to find out if they have any voucher codes on offer. 
  • Paysafecard: This is a prepaid card that works like a voucher, that you can use at Paysafecard online casinos. It is widely accepted in Canada, and you can use it to fund your account. 

Is it Possible to Redeem Casino Vouchers by Email the Casino? 

Yes, once you receive a casino voucher through your email, follow the instructions outlined in the email to redeem and activate your card. The email contains an e-gift card code. 

Remember that some vouchers come with expiration dates, the most common being between 60-90 days. Some casinos allow you to email them the voucher and in return, you get a check. 

What to do if I Won Money and Forgot to Cash Out my Ticket? 

The best option is cashing out your winnings immediately. However, if you forget to do so, you should contact the casino operator you won the money and ask them about their policy. Ask whether you can redeem the ticket later. 


If you prefer playing casino games online, it is possible to redeem a casino voucher online. These vouchers offer players anonymity and a certain level of security, which is why you should look out for such offers or consider purchasing vouchers to play with at online casinos. 

Cecilia Mwangi

Cecilia Mwangi

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