Legal Status of Online Gambling in Canada



Land-based Casinos:

Prior to 1970, casino gambling in Canada was illegal but amendments made to the Canadian criminal code after 1970 changed that status. Eventually Canadian legislation allowed various provinces and territories to self – govern the issue. While some chose not to, other territories held lotteries and open their first legitimate land-based casinos.

Online Casinos:

Gambling at online casinos is becoming more and more popular with Canadian casino gaming fans, it’s faster to get to play your favorite games and you don’t have to drive for miles. The first legal online casino was established in 2010 and currently there are almost 350 legitimate online casinos, showing the surge in popularity and the potential in terms of choices.

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Is playing online casino illegal in Canada?

 It is not illegal for Canadians to play casino games online. It is illegal to operate an online casino within Canada, although there are areas based in Native territory where it is sanctioned by law. Technically if the online casinos reside in cyberspace and not on Canadian soil, and the servers are based in Native territory, also technically not Canadian soil, then you are not breaking the law and you may enjoy online gaming, free of any criminality.

Be cautious

Remember to always research your preferred online casino for its licensing and make sure that it legally operates within your country of residence - failure to do so may mean that you are not protected from fraud or money laundering activities.
Just be sure to consult our list of recommended Canadian online casinos so that you are always sure that you are playing at safe and reputable online casino destinations

Gambling licenses

All legitimate online casinos operate from outside of Canada in the main from: Malta, Alderney, Gibraltar and Curacao

The Future looks bright

Canada has until now been more relaxed and forward thinking than its’ US counterpart. Whilst more and more Canadians get excited by online gaming, there is little likelihood that the legality of online casinos will change.