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Casino New Brunswick Review

If you are considering a vacation in Canada but have yet to find accommodation within your budget range, you may want to consider Casino New Brunswick. From a personal perspective I would most definitely recommend the casino hotel resort and going with experience, I thought many would like to hear why I chose this particular destination for my holiday a month back.

Casino New Brunswick opened in 2010 and remains one of Moncton’s biggest attractions. So much so that people from around the world fly in to come to enjoy the sightseeing as well as the casino’s activities. Moncton has the most beautiful scenery and as a result, many tourists roll into town for a tranquil getaway with Casino New Brunswick being the hub of activities. Below are some of the fun things you will find at the magnetic casino and resort.

Casino New Brunswick Casino Floor

As one can imagine, when you step into the lobby of the casino you are greeted by a number of slot machines where I can honestly say the magic lies. The games on offer at this fun live casino in Canada are limited to eight variations which include craps, roulette, baccarat and poker. As mentioned before, the slots area is quite impressive offering 210 games which include modern slots, classic themes and even 3D slots games to play.

Although Casino New Brunswick may seem slightly dated and not as bold as the exterior, you can immediately tell this hasn’t the slightest impact on the patrons who regularly go there as I sighted some familiar faces. Some rooms seem more modern than others making me believe the casino is inconspicuously being updated.

The Amenities at Casino New Brunswick

The casino is limited to two restaurants but I can highly recommend the food served at not one but both.

  • The Buffet: If you are visiting Casino New Brunswick, you will hear the staff recommending the buffet. For the six days I was visiting, I soon became aware there were daily buffet meals served according to the day of the week. Seniors are also treated to daily buffet meals at discounted rates, a winner for the in-laws.
  • The Hub City Pub: Naturally this is where one comes to unwind after an intense dice roll session and the pub itself is warmly lit, designed to allow casino goers a relaxing hour or more. The pub stays open until 2am in the morning and considering that the casino closes at 3am, it’s a good time to call last rounds. The hub is on the casino floor so anyone wanting in must be able to pass the age restrictions.

There is also a spa which is absolutely breathtaking. It’s great for the wife to go relax, with you in tow or you can use the opportunity to hit the roulette table. I personally chose to take a day and go explore the spa, but then again I was there for almost a week. The various services offered by the spa include massages, pedicures facials and even body scrubs. Yes, I did try the scrub and it was invigorating so I have to recommend it.

Entertainment and Tournaments

Casino NB Stage

This is where the casino shines and shows its true potential. Casino New Brunswick offers a long list of events but be forewarned, you will want to reserve a room in advance as the casino fills up when events are lined up over the season. The entertainment venue can cater for roughly 2500 people but that would be at full capacity, so be sure to get rooms and bookings in before the events. The restaurant unfortunately doesn’t take on reservations at this time as you can imagine how full it can get.

Another interesting feature of Casino New Brunswick is that the casino caters for business meetings and corporate events. I have noticed many corporate events take place over there in the years and I imagine it is a successful option for companies in Canada looking for a convention center.

The casino also hosts weddings making it an ideal hotel to book into for the weekend of the wedding.

In conclusion, the casino isn’t overly modern but it does offer guests a modern spa and some rooms are spectacular with on-suite bathrooms. The food is great and the prices are really affordable for the buffet. There are always events going on and loads of slots games to play. I do think they could add more table games to their list of current live dealer games, but out of season, the amount suffices. I highly recommend that people who are in the area at least try their luck on the tables or slots and if they aren’t the gambling kind, then have a drink at the pub or enjoy a lovely day are the spa with the wife.

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