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One of Canada’s top land based casinos is the Mont Tremblant Casino. It has been expertly designed and its brilliant architecture is only one of the first features to capture the awe of its onlookers. There are loads to do at the casino that doesn’t include gambling, however, for those looking to enjoy the fruits of the casino lobby; there are ample games to choose from. The casino also offers players an online platform, recreating it casino floor in the virtual realm and offering players access to all the games it is so famous for.

The casino is located on the Versant Soleil, which is one of the most breath taking views in the world. In addition to the scenic beauty, the casino itself is fine looking. The Casino de Mont Tremblant boasts almost 500 slot machines, an intimate gaming area with 16 tables for friends to compete in tournaments and popular table games including Texas Hold ‘em.

From the views to the games, there is a little piece of heaven that is located in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. No matter the season, weather or day, this casino is good all year round and a must see.

Casino de Mont Tremblant Casino Floor

Casino Mont Tremblant

The casino is especially beautiful and warm in winter time when the Canadian snow covers the roof an outer areas, this is also the time of year that the casino floor is most filled as players don’t come in for any of the entertainment held on the outside grounds.

Players are greeted by warm woods and an antique and unique look and feel of the casino upon entering the gaming lobby. The warmth of the wood is only one part of the intended décor. The slots are one of the main attractions, filling the second floor above the opened staircase.

The casino is small and homely, it offers a lodge-like feel to it and despite being smaller than some of the other Canadian land based casinos, the Casino de Mont Tremblant still allows access to Texas Hold ‘em, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Slots. All of these popular casino games have been added to the casino and are scattered on the casino floor both downstairs and upstairs.

The floor is littered with the above mentioned games but there is also a treat for those who don’t understand the fundamentals of blackjack. Casino de Mont Tremblant offers players the opportunity to play the blackjack variant, Free Bet Blackjack. Bets begin at a minimum of CA$15 and the game allows for up to seven players at the table.

The casino is warm, inviting and offers casino entertainment all year round, no matter the season!

The Amenities at Mont Tremblant Casino

Casino Mont Tremblant

It’s not only the casino that draws attention or its guests; there is quite a bit to do at Casino de Mont Tremblant. Altitude Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Canada. Here onlookers are able to breathe in the fresh aromas of fine dining while taking in the spectacular view. Altitude is a seafood and grill restaurant that boasts modern décor to enhance the appeal of the restaurant. The chef has created a menu which offers 5 courses. The restaurant is popular in summer and winter as summer allows for al a carte dining and winter the warmth of the kitchen is most welcomed.

Mont Tremblant also provides adult entertainment for those who enjoy a nightcap or something stronger before hitting the floor of the casino or one of the events hosted at the famous location. The Bar du Casino is a popular social attraction that entertains and offers up DJ’s and music. The bar also offers a tapas menu and caters burgers and sandwiches to the public. The Bar du Casino also hosts live sports events, ideal for the gambler betting on the game.

Another source of entertainment is the Lounge Bar. Here players can come in and lounge about for a quick refreshment or order something to nibble on. It is more of a low key venue offering visitors a reprieve of all the fun entertainment on the premises.

Finally, there are also shows hosted annually at the casino and attract visitors from around the world.

Entertainment and Tournaments

Casino Mont Tremblant

The shows held at Casino de Mont Tremblant are a great source of entertainment for adults and the whole family. Visitors can search the shows according to the appropriate age. Concerts are also hosted here using the darkened space to entertain during the evening and host comedy shows and live talks.

The shows can be selected given the date of arrival. Thanks to the user friendly interactive website, visitors are able to identify which shows will be on and when the concerts are according to their date of arrival, age, prices of events and finally the venue of where the show will be taking place.

Some of the greatest shows take place at the Casino de Mont Tremblant and players are able to enjoy a quick game before and after the show.

The casino does in fact host tournament and in addition to these tournaments, there are also multiple game stations that have been set up to entertain those hopping from one home to the next and wanting to get in on the action that is the tournament at the next table. The area has been designed for close friends to play and enjoy each other’s company, allowing for smaller bets and more friendly conversation. This gives the players an opportunity to set up their own tournaments and have fun while doing so! There are 16 interactive stations to choose from and several casino gaming variants, including slots!

Contact Info


Phone: 819-429-4150 or 1-877-574-2177

Address: 300 Chemin des Pléiades, Mont-Tremblant J8E 0A7, Québec (Canada)

Email: [email protected]

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