Why should I avoid blacklisted casinos?

Numerous horror stories exist online detailing how innocent casino players got scammed by blacklisted casinos. The worst-case scenario would be you losing your hard-earned money or your personal information getting into the wrong hands. The risk of identity theft and fraud increases if your information is shared or sold to third parties. When you play at blacklisted casinos, you can also expect slow or no payouts, and other questionable practices.

What should I do if I have already registered with a blacklisted casino?

If you have already opened an account with a blacklisted casino, the first step should be to immediately stop playing and withdraw any funds from your account. In case the operator delays or refuses to release your funds, consider walking away since this would be cheaper than having your personal information breached, which could lead to identity theft. If the casinos continue sending you enticing bonuses through emails, report them as spam and also block the platform.

Can I get refunded my money?

While getting refunded by these casinos is possible, it is not guaranteed. If you fail to get your money back within a reasonable period, contact the casino and lodge a complaint. If you still don’t get refunded, contact the regulatory authority that oversees the casino and make your complaint.