Treasure Nile


Simplicity at work. This must have been the rationale behind this creation from Microgaming. The Treasure Nile online video slot themed around the world of ancient Egypt strips the concept of online slot gaming to its base essentials, offering only what is needed by the beginners…or the purists. Considering this was one of the first of its kind from Microgaming, there are some positives to be gleaned. The graphics are simple yet effective.

The features are bare but easy to understand. The options are minimal but not confusing. There is a case to be made for the simple pleasures in life, and Treasure Nile would be a fair enough case study.

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A view of the Ancients

Bright colours, simple designs and a variety of symbols set on a bright purple backdrop certainly make this a unique looking game. The Egyptian theme is fairly common and yet treasure Nile has remained one of the more visually pleasing of the group. Perhaps not the fanciest by modern standards, some people enjoy the mixing of the colours. A welcome characteristic is the lack of the standards high card value symbols. Rather all the symbols are inspired by the Egyptian theme. Players can look forward to seeing Ancient scrolls, Gold Wheat, Wooden Boats, Cobras, The Sphinx, The Ankh, Pyramids, Scarab Beetles, Anubis, Ordained Columns, Pyramids and King Tut himself.

Desert Reels: Wilds and Scatters available

This is an original 5 reel slot with up to 9 fixed pay lines. The symbol of the pyramid at sunset acts as the wild and can substitute the standard symbols to complete a winning combination on an active pay line. The wild cannot replace a scatter symbol and cannot be used in a progressive jackpot winning line. The scatter is the scarab beetle symbol. When three or more scatters appear anywhere on the reels the player is awarded a scatter bonus, their original stake multiplied by the number of landed scatters on that spin. The only coin size available is 0.50, with a coin limit of 1 coin per line. Considering the jackpot can only be achieved with a maximum bet, this limits the bet value to 4.5 per bet.

Max on the Nile: Progressive Jackpot up for grabs

Starting at a minimum of 40 000, the progressive jackpot is added to by every spin from every player of this slot. It can be won but landing 5 King Tut symbols on the 9th pay line with a maximum bet in place. Paying out an average of 7 times a month, all players are informed when the progressive is won. After a win the jackpot is reset to 40000. The maximum has no upper limit, with winning of over 500 000 on record.

Bonus sunk the Boat:

This game is not famed for its bonuses. Rather it is known for its decent pay outs, progressive jackpot and simplicity of use. The only bonuses on offer are the wilds and scatter bonuses already mentioned. There are no other multipliers of free spin bonuses to speak of.

Our Take

As dated as this game is, it has its place. Seasoned gamers will likely have moved onto more challenging, more rewarding and more exciting games. For the beginner with a fair bank roll, though, Treasure Nile is a great place to learn the basics of online gaming. Games with simple bonuses and uncomplicated betting systems are the perfect launch pad to get a foot into the online gaming world. Just don’t get stuck.

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Last Updated: November 13, 2019