We all love a good wedding, don’t we? The spectacular venues, the mouth watering food, the 4 tier cake and the gorgeous bride, what’s not to love? The build up to the wedding however is not generally something you need to witness as this is where you’ll find cracks in even the most perfect relationship.

The film Bridesmaids took this as an opportunity and turned the build up to the wedding into something even more entertaining than the big event itself.

Microgaming took this as good enough reason to reward them with their own slots game and we’re so glad they did. All the best Microgaming casinos will have this slot game available.

Play Bridesmaids For Free

Meet the Bridesmaids: Up to 40 Paylines!

Join Lillian, Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca in their hilarious journey towards what can only turn into the ultimate wedding flop. In true chick flick fashion, this game is decked out with plenty of jewels, cupcakes, dresses and lots and lots of pink. 5 reels and up to 40 pay lines will give you ample chance to match the bridesmaids, collect shiny things or rake in those cupcakes, if you’re not worried about your waistline, to win big and have fun doing it.

Matching the bridesmaids will result in various winning amounts and you can also use the “Bridesmaids” wild symbol to complete winning lines. The fun however, only really starts when those cupcakes make an appearance. Find 3 or more cupcakes anywhere on the screen and you’ll enter the bonus round. From here you first select one of 4 cupcake symbols to reveal a multiplier. Next you’ll spin a lucky wheel and stand a chance to increase the multiplier to anything from 8x to 72x. The lucky wheel also has 5 even more yummy rewards and should you land on one of those you’ll either win a jackpot of up to 105 000 coins or move on to one of 4 additional bonus games.

Bonus Games: Three in one!

Magic Moments: First up is the Magic Moments bonus game. This game reveals several stills from the film. Select up to 10 of these images and win a bonus for each while also being treated to some of the films funniest moments.

Boutique: The Boutique bonus game presents you with a selection of closed gift boxes. Take your pick of which to open to reveal the bridesmaid hiding inside. Try your best to match them for additional winnings and multipliers. Watch out for Lillian though, once you match her boxes the bonus game ends and you’ll return to the reels. Avoid Lillian as long as possible to earn all the available bonuses.

Friendship: These bonus games each reward you with a number of free spins. The Friendship bonus game is fairly straight forward and provides stacked high symbols to ensure that when you win, you win big. Flying High makes things more interesting by providing rolling reels and growing wilds. The rolling reels mean that when you have a winning combination, the symbols in that line fall away to leave empty slots that need to be filled again. The new symbols could then provide another winning line which would also fall away, starting the process again. Growing wilds provide one wild symbol for the first spin and adds one more for every additional spin, there’s no telling how wild things will get.

Our Take

With so many rich features and bonuses, it goes without saying that Bridesmaids slot may just be the next big hit for Canadian casinos online. The game boasts an array of delightful characters and stellar graphics to accompany each of its unique selling points.

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Last Updated: November 13, 2019