Nuns Alleged To Steal $500,000 For Their Gambling Escapades

Two nuns were addicted to gambling. To the surprise, they did it secretly using school funds. It happened for a while until the parish noticed what was happening. The suspects, Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper (who was the principal) and Sister Lana Chang (her vice principal) at St. James Catholic School in Torrance, California, retired from their jobs last year. The officials of the church were not hesitant to describe what the nuns did as a big con.

Over approximately a decade, these two nuns had embezzled significant money to their accounts from the school. This was mentioned by the pastor of the school, Msgr. Michael Meyers in his letter to the parishioners in November last year. Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, who is their religious order, told the parishioners that the two sisters had confessed their deeds of fund misappropriation. During a meeting with parents, Msgr. Michael estimated the total amount reported to be stolen and totalled at a whopping $500,000. Surprisingly, one of the church officials claimed that it was believed that two sisters pondered this massive amount of money in gambling as well as trips to the casinos.

nuns steal half milThe spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Adrian Alarcon said that the action was a real shocker to not only the parish but also the whole community. Sister Mary Kreuper, 77-year old, served as the principal of St. James Catholic School for 29 years. She was regarded as a pillar of the community those years she served. On the other hand, Sister Chang, 67-year old, served the same school for 20 years as an eighth-grade teacher and administrator. Shockingly, the two sisters declined to be interviewed, but the Religious order said that they would reimburse the school.

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in their statement mentioned that they would not defend the actions of the two nuns as far as they are a religious community. They criticized the nun’s action bitterly and said that what they did was against the law and they were responsible for their actions and they should pay for their wrong decisions. The church officials wanted to address the issue internally, but they were not ready for investigation and also press charges. Those were words from a spokesman for the Torrance Police Department, Sgt. Ronald Harris. After the meeting that declared a total of $500,000 embezzlement, Sgt. Ronald went ahead to say, “church officials came to the station house, and they decided to press the charges. The investigation is being carried.”

The sergeant added that they'll carry intensive investigation, but what they all needed form all parties was cooperation. The archdiocese did not believe the action, but she changed her mind and claimed that the money embezzled was not precisely as claimed as it seemed that the nuns created some tangled financial arrangements to cover their tricks. The archdiocese could not also utter what the lost money did. Instead, she said that the investigation would bring more information on what happened to the cash.

The claim of the embezzlement started after an audit carried out in the finance of the school after Sister Mary retired. The problem occurred when one family, which had donated some amount to the school, signaled the school that there was something fishy in their bank statement. Ms. Alarcon said that the found that the destination of the money donated was to a private account that these two sisters used. It was after the sister suspected that the church officials are aware that he commanded her staff to corrupt the financial records.

The archdiocese auditors told the officials that all tuition and donation checks were channeled to Sister Mary. So, he would share the money with the accounting staff and then the most substantial portion she would keep for herself and Sister Lana. The Sisters of St. Joseph have not said anything concerning the two nuns’ whereabouts.

Last Updated: January 24, 2019