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Dragon Tiger can trace its origins back to ancient Cambodia and is considered a favourite among the Asian communities. This highly captivating and fast paced game developed by Evolution Gaming is yet another release of a variant of a classic Asian game that many consider to be quite similar to the game of Baccarat. The live casino Canada adaption of the game is growing aggressively in popularity the world over.

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The game itself is quite simple and could not be easier to grasp for those who are new to it or those who have no idea how to play Baccarat for that matter.

Dragon Tiger is played with only two cards at a time; the dealer will place one card on the dragon side and one card on the tiger side. The object is to basically choose a card from the two in the hopes of selecting the one with the highest value, manage to do this and you’re off to a good start. For those players that are merely looking for a good gambling game that doesn’t require much strategy, you can just stick to picking one or the other, that is the tiger or the dragon that is. This type of bet is not very lucrative and will see the player earning an even amount to what was bet. The house edge on these types of bets currently sits at around 3.73% and of all the bets available to players, is the lowest.

Something that is slightly different to most card games is the fact that the Ace serves as the games lowest card whereas the king is considered the highest you can pick and trumps all. Players can base a bet on whether or not there is a tie, should this be the case the player will get paid out 8:1 which is a decent win in any gamblers eyes. Should a tie happen and the player has not bet on it occurring, the house will take a substantial portion of the bet, 50% commission to be exact. Remember that the tie bet is an optional extra so be sure to pay attention. Now even though this may seem extremely attractive it is essential to remember the chances of this actually happening is a staggering 6,488 times, whereas the chances of this tie not happening sit at around 79,892 which make this type of bet one of the hardest to achieve

Another optional side bet that can be made is also a tie bet, however, this time the dragon and tiger cards will not only need to be the same rank but also be the same suit in order to satisfy this side. This has to be one of the most lucrative payouts in the game as it will award the player 50:1. It may seem like a quick way to make a large sum of money; however it is important to note that the chances of actually winning this type of bet sit at a measly 1,456 out of a total 86,320 combinations that can be formed, hence why the payouts are so unusually high.

Playing Tips

Because the game is so simplistic and only two cards are drawn at any given time, it gives players the opportunity to keep track of which cards have been played already. By doing this you are essentially card counting; the trick is to take note of how many high cards versus low cards have been pulled from the deck. This allows you to make a calculated decision or should we say guess on which cards are most likely to show their face in the next round. Keep in mind that the 7 card will nullify all bets no matter what happens.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Dragon Tiger is an extremely fast paced game so players need to be paying attention constantly if they want to stay ahead of the game. The massive multiplayer scalability of the game ensures you will always have fellow players to use your skills against. Dragon Tiger offers a huge smooth user interface which also holds a wide variety of statistics in order to assist players with predicting future rounds.

Our Take

Not only does the game offer nonstop action from start to finish, but, it also enables users to play with a vast number of other players should they feel the need to do so. Exceptional gameplay as well as a charismatic host ensure copious amounts of fun and don’t forget about the stunning light effects that seem to be synchronized with the game and the many possible outcomes. Check out the best Canadian online casino to play now.

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