Play with Canadian Dollars at Your Favourite Casino

Every country has different policies on gambling and online casinos. Considering the complexities of the gambling legislation in Canada and the country’s prohibition of online gambling without a license from the government, it is not surprising that Canadian gamblers are highly active on offshore gambling sites. Although Canadian laws have loosened up regarding online gaming, it limits online gaming by requiring government approval but it has not affected the steady rise of Canadian gambling on foreign sites. This increase in Canadian usage of offshore online casinos may be explained by the simple fact that these sites have become more accessible to a variety of different users. They have adjusted to the market by giving foreign players a chance to play in their own currency. Previously, users would often have to go through a lengthy process to locate suitable deposit methods and convert their local currency to the US Dollar or to Euros just to play on many gambling sites but with a growing demand for online gaming worldwide. This limited a market accustomed to fast transactions and immediate access to products and services online which also decreased traffic to these sites. Many casinos have opted to change the prerequisites of their sites regarding deposit options and funding accounts by offering games in different currencies which lead to a distinct rise in Canadian and other foreign players.

Direct Deposits

When online casinos optimize currency selection, it makes the site more accessible to a vaster market but also makes it easier for players who have been dealing with the certain limitations. Conversion rates can become quite pricey with larger bets or longer gameplay. Players avoid excess spending by dodging conversion fees which makes it cheaper to bet more money and leads to higher spending for each player.Playing in a foreign currency also inhibits gameplay quite drastically. It forces the player to keep track of their winnings and losses by checking the conversion rate and calculating these results in their native currency. By eliminating the need to convert currency, casinos are improving the quality of the user’s experience, increasing the amount of games played as well as investing in players and building a returning client base.Some casinos have policies which limit payment options significantly for the Canadian player using the CAD, creating another obstacle for players and forcing them to check if their payment option is viable to the casino. Perhaps, the players don’t have to constantly check the conversion rates but they are now forced to sift through various deposit methods to fund their account.

Deposits with Conversions

Trying to access a casino that does not cater to your currency can be quite stressful. Many online gambling sites (that do not cater specifically to a wider market) sport busy interfaces with little information on whether they allow foreign currency. The player may open an account only to find that the site does not offer what they need. Navigating these sites can become time-consuming only to discover that the deposit methods do not suit your needs. When the player finally discovers the payment methods available to their country and decides to convert their currency, miscalculations may occur in the conversion process leading to the player depositing more money than intended as well as incurring an unforeseen loss upon withdrawal. The difficulty of accessing the games as well as the information on deposit options for foreign currencies results in a frustrated player making rash decisions with their money and affecting their overall experience negatively.

Preferred Deposit Methods

If you are a Canadian citizen, you may prefer using options suited for depositing in your native currency. VISA is accepted by most casinos and is used in over 150 countries and is often presented as a payment by CAD-friendly casinos. This deposit method gives you a variety of casinos to choose from and allows you to play immediately as the transaction goes through automatically. The requirements to deposit money into a casino account differs for each VISA card and you may want to consider using a reloadable prepaid VISA card as you will not have to make a new account for the card to be issued. Another widely available payment option is via MasterCard. This highly secure option provides three options when funding a casino account: a credit/debit card and a prepaid card, although the player will not be able to withdraw their winnings with any of these cards.A popular method for Poker players is the PaySafe card. It is a prepaid card issued in certain denominations and in some places, as an electronic voucher. The PaySafe card is also reloadable and allows players to keep an eye on their expenses. It is a safe and easy option that does require the player’s bank or credit card details to make a deposit.

Why Choose CAD?

As a Canadian citizen, it is advisable to stick to CAD-friendly casinos with viable deposit options for your native currency. Depositing in your native currency removes the risk of excess spending on conversion rates and related losses. The games become easier to access, enhancing your overall gaming experience. With an immense increase in CAD-friendly casinos making it easier for the Canadian gambler to explore popular sites, there is no reason to struggle with conversion rates, excess spending and difficult payment methods with the rise of CAD casinos. Online gambling has become much more accessible with new options for a variety of currencies, welcoming players from all over the globe to gamble in an inclusive and secure environment.



Last Updated: August 18, 2019