Vegas Strip Blackjack


Ask almost any Canadian online blackjack fan which version is among the most popular to play and you’ll likely hear Vegas Strip Blackjack coming up more often than most. Microgaming’s version of this popular form of online blackjack, named after one of the most iconic gambling destinations in the world, offers superior gaming with realistic gameplay and features.

At its core, Vegas Strip Blackjack is similar to all other varieties of blackjack with the most notable difference being that Vegas Strip is traditionally played with four decks of playing cards. The game still offers reasonably low house odds, better than many other sorts of online casino games and is the ideal game for new Canadian players to learn on, especially since the game offers a demo mode to try out.

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Gameplay and Rules

As mentioned previously, Vegas Strip Blackjack is quite similar in most respects to just about any other version of blackjack that is available at many of our recommended Canadian online casinos. The object of the game is to get a score of 21 or blackjack and this particular version of blackjack uses four decks of standard playing cards.

If you have never played blackjack, the game is quite simple and quick to learn. The following is the basic gameplay that is standard throughout every version of blackjack:

Vegas Strip Blackjack also allows:

Playing Tips

Vegas Strip Blackjack follows a few important rules that allow for some great advantages that you can add to your blackjack strategy. For one thing, the dealer must always stand on any 17’s which allows you to make better decisions once you’ve seen what the dealer’s up card is and based on the safe play assumption that his hole card (face down card) is a ten.

The game also allows you to spit cards up to four times, giving you more potentially winning hands than other versions of blackjack. It is also important to remember that in Vegas Strip Blackjack that aces can only be split once and you can only get one additional card before you are required to stand on your total.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Vegas Strip Blackjack has far more advantages than it has disadvantages. The game is one of the easiest blackjack varieties to learn and the game interface is simple and clear to see and understand. Perhaps the only real disadvantage is that there is no surrender option and the game is played with more deck which increases the house advantage slightly.

Our Take

Microgaming’s Gold version of Vegas Strip Blackjack offers the best graphics and sound possible, making the game even more realistic and immersive. You can also enjoy an overhead camera option which adds a new perspective to the game. You can find Vegas Strip Blackjack at most of our top recommended Canadian online casinos, along with great bonuses and play in CAD.